Hurry up, Mickey. Stop staring at yourself in the mirror! Morning, honey. Watch it, sugar. Thanks, sweet pea. Here, let me get that for you-
Don’t. Don’t? Don’t call me some cutesy nickname that could
be a condiment. That looked really hard. It was nothing. Exactly. Looking good, Mickey! Freak. G’day, Vegemite. You right, chicken? I’m allergic. To? Cats. Here’s your change, mayonnaise. What? What? What do you mean? Nothing. Yes! Oi, you’re up. Do you ah… need a handicap? Hey… are you ready? No. No? No, I don’t need a handicap. But you might need some ice. Oh! That didn’t hurt. My head’s too thick! Umm… you dropped this… umm… Tampon. Yeah. Thanks, Ned. Bro, you can’t touch that! Ned my friend, you’re lucky to be touching
that… That there is a luxury item. So… we playing or what? Did you just move me? Yeah, little girl. You’re in my way, I needed to get to the snakes. Little girl, nah nah nah nah nah! You’re a little girl, you can’t have as many
as me, nah nah na nah nah! I’m not a little girl! I’m also not a bird or a biscuit or some sweetener
for coffee! And I’m not a big mindless piece of play-dough
that you can just mould and shove and nibble on when no one is looking! And I like spending a long time in the bathroom
but I will get out if you ask nicely. I don’t have to like you and I don’t have
to be polite to you, but I’m going to try because yelling and screaming and being mean
to people is just so damn great isn’t it? Isn’t this great? Don’t you feel great right now? Here are your damn snakes! Got enough? Happy now? See what I’m doing now? I’m cleaning up my own mess. You know I’m not to blame for your being late. If you’d gotten up earlier you’d even have
time for breakfast. I had pancakes. They were delicious. Oh. Morning, peanut butter. Mickey. My name’s Mickey. Oh. Morning, Mickey. Morning…? What? Oh, Tom. Morning, Tom. ‘Scuse me, would you mind moving over? You’re… Oh, sorry I didn’t even realise. Nice cat. Thanks. He’s a bit cheeky though. I’m taking him to kitty school today. I guess you can teach an old cat new tricks. Oh, this is me.