Hello everyone. In on the channel benefit com. And today, in my ultra-fast and ultra-capacious review, as always, I will tell you about the thing I wanted to buy for a year, but in view of my moves, and for a rather tangible value, I put it off until that last moment. And so I settled down in a new place and it was reasonable for me to have a question of table light for my younger children. And since I constantly try to weigh the pros and cons and then find the best and force myself to buy it. My choice fell on the frontman of world production of lighting products, the Phillips company, and she, in her turn, made the lamp, which I am now unpacking together with a branch of the xiaomi concern with the direction of the smart home, namely the Mige brand. And is it more correct to call this lamp xiaomi fidlims? midja airkear two. As you understood this second generation of lamps with care for the vision of our favorite brand xiaomi. And I think that at the moment – this is the best that is now on the market for desk lamps. And that’s why. The first, oddly enough, is the price – I bought it through an intermediary who delivers the goods directly from China, and with delivery it cost me a little less than 3,000 rubles, or it’s really possible to buy one for 3,500 rubles. In dollars about 60 bucks. And this is very loyal considering that in appearance it is a pure premium segment. As seen from the quality of the packaging, here xiaomi made a sacrifice to beauty in exchange for reducing the price. And this is very good. Now quickly move on to why you’re watching. Namely information exactly how this lamp reduces our load on your eyes. And I honestly did not even think about it before buying it. I would call here four basic ways to reduce the load on the eyes that this lamp has adopted, the main thing is that despite the fact that the lamp is ice, its flickering is less than one and a half percent. And this is the safest glow that is now o the market. The second is the light temperature of 4000 K, which is optimal for work. Yes, it is not ideal for filming. But this is what is needed for your eyes to be minimally tired. The third is the lack of contrast due to the use of background lighting. As you have already noticed, in the lamp there are two sources of light and according to the principle of Samsung TVs illumination in the same way illuminates the space around them. The fourth – automatic adjustment of the lighting in the mode of a separate function, due to the use of a photocell, the lamp adjusts the lighting when the ambient light changes. Simply, if you set it to a certain brightness in daylight, it will maintain that brightness in the evening. Now there are some characteristics of the iron itself , as we see from the description on the box – the power of the main lamp is 4.2 watts, the background lighting lamps are 2.4 watts. Total lamp consumes up to 10 watts. As you understand, the rest of the power goes to maintaining the lamp in the ecosystem of the smart house midge, followed by the output through the Wi-Fi access point to the network. The brightness of the lamp is simply amazing, because at maximum speeds it gives out 1200 lux to an area of ​​40 square centimeters. If it were brighter, you would have already blinded. The power supply is placed horizontally with respect to the plug, which is not a particularly wise decision, but how they did it. A distinctive and extremely positive aspect is the engineering solution for the rotary mechanism of the lamp head, it is absolutely silent and allows us to rotate the head in any direction without much effort and sound. The lamp weighs vigorous 1 kg, and above all because of the counterweight, which is built into the stand. Elements of touch control on the lamp itself. As you have already seen, this is the main light turn-off button, the background light turn-off button, which by the way does not work without the main one, the four brightness adjustment buttons and, as I said, a separate auto-control button. Once again I remind you that the temperature of the light in this lamp can not be changed. The power wire is quite long. Everything is done as qualitatively as possible. Management through a special program in the lamp in addition to all the previously listed functions gives us the possibility of programming scripts, and setting the timer to turn off and on. Above the lamp added a reminder of the rest. As you already understood, everything that is in the lamp can be controlled via a smartphone.