Tell us , who are going to be in
Playing 11? I think Bhumra alone is enough
For you guys, I am sorry, I can’t disclose. What will you choose,
If you won the toss? Even if we dint win the toss
Outcome will be the same Ok, No issue Shikher Dhawan is Injured Now Dhoni will play or that
New boy Rishabh Pant? Dhoni will take you for a ride And
Pant loves to END everything. But I m Really sorry, I can’t tell you. Hmmmm..Ok, You can go now. Thank you sir By the way, Nice tea Your
Sir (Sarcastic Laughter) I am glad that you know “ This CUP is OUR’s!! You are right sir, As per your standard
You are focusing on the right Thing.. You focus on this cup And let us focus on WORLD CUP