WOMAN: Um… (sighs) Women rugby players… (laughs) Yeah, um… I don’t know. (laughs) (classic rock riff) (shouting) WOMAN: You’re always there, like, you’re not going to be a secondary player, you’re always gonna be there, and you’re always going to need to be ready to tackle someone, ready to put your whole body into the game, ready to put your, you know, body on the line for the rest of your team. And you really need to be there to support. And that’s why sometimes people don’t make that cut from being able to play in our game because it just seems like, you know, we try to be as inclusive, but once you’re like — once you’re there, you just need to be into the game. You need to be ready to support and ready to be — know everything about the game because every player
plays such a critical part in the game. WOMAN: It takes a lot of communication from everyone — It’s not just one person. It’s not — you can’t have that star player. That’s not a thing in rugby. It’s definitely a full team experience, a full team effort. Everyone needs to be ready,
everyone needs to be communicating, everyone needs to be physically able
to do everything that it takes. Girls that you would pass in the hallway
and not think that they could do this — not even think twice that they would
go after somebody, and take them down like a football player,
would almost — like, it’s a confidence thing, just seeing that confidence on the field. And then going in for a tackle,
or then going in for a rook, and using more strength than
you could ever probably figure out that you had. WOMAN: At Clarkson, we work hard
and we play hard. (rock music ends)