Rugby is all about brotherhood, teamwork, not only on the
field, off the field. It’s like a family
away from home. I’m Lote Tuqiri.
I’m from Fiji. I’m playing professional rugby
here in Japan for Kobelco S. It’s one of the top league
clubs in Japan. As a kid I always watched big
cities around the world on TV. From there on I was like, “One day I want to visit those
big cities.” I think rugby is the passport
for me to travel around the world. In the gym we have, like,
upper body sessions and lower body
sessions on two different days because in rugby you have to
train your whole body. You cannot just train the
upper body and then you forget
about your lower body. In rugby it’s…an
all-rounder. To me, Japan is like my home
now. And to play for Japan in
Rio was like giving back to Japan all the
things they’ve done for you. The Rio Olympics were my first
Olympics ever. Favourites, France. They’ve met 21 times in the
Rugby World Series with France winning 15 of them. France get the first try of the
quarter-final. What an opportunity this is
now, for Japan and he crashes through,
and it’s Lote Tuqiri. In Rio, the whistle goes for
the end of the match. The French are crestfallen. The Japanese, they can’t
believe it! Rio was on another level. Anybody can play rugby. Even when you’re big or you’re
chubby or you’re skinny, you can still play rugby. You can find a position that
suits you. Rugby is all about family,
brotherhood, teamwork. It’s not an individual sport. You work together and you
communicate not only on the field
but also off the field. It’s like a family away from
home. After a long day of training
I just look forward to coming home and seeing her. When I come home she’s
always happy to welcome me
in front of the door and it is nice to feel. My daughter, when she grows up, I want her to grow up two
different cultures – Japanese culture
and Fijian culture. Rugby is a contact sport. You shouldn’t be afraid. In every training,
there’s always a translator. Coach is talking in
English, there’s a translator, translating in Japanese. When it’s another coach
who’s Japanese, he’s speaking in Japanese, the translator is
translating in English. I really want to go
and represent Japan again in the 2020 Olympics. All this just depends on my
body. When you come off the field,
the guy you tackled hard, is mates again. Good friends.
You laugh about it. We just love smashing
each other. Happiness is being around loved
ones, family and friends and just enjoying each other’s
company. And playing rugby,
playing in Kobe, I enjoy every moment of