Majnu: What Happened bro? You seem to be tensed Prash: Yesterday I went to a hotel I was thinking about watching FIFA World Cup’s quarter final on the T.V. but… The cricket match of Australia and Zimbabwe was playing on the T.V. and that too highlight i dunno what orgasm people in India get after watching Cricket They won’t see the big flex of Sunny Leone’s on the road but beneath that on a small shop, after stopping their vehicles on a busy road They will peak through binoculars to see the score on Cricket In India kids are taught to hold a bat before being taught on how to pee Majnu: But bro, Football Fans are there in our country too Prash: Indeed, we have football fans in our country too but they aren’t our’s but foreigners “Portuaigal”, “Aunty-Jinha” “Italy-Wada-Sambhar”, I can’t even take their name properly Nor does anyone knows in which corner of the Map these countries are located Have you ever seen India’s team in FIFA worldcup? Leave Fifa world cup, This year they haven”t send or team to Asians game Where where is our India’s Footbal team? I bet they are playing Street Cricket in some Village and they aren’t to be blamed Because they too need support from someone too Ranji Cricket’s Stadium is full of Audience but on the other hand Indian football team’s Captain has to put up a Video on facebook asking people to support Those Cricketers get recognition, wealth and popularity and everything Movies about them are made in Bollywood They get chance to appear in big brand’s Ads, Ours football players don’t get chance to appear in Mouth freshener’s AD, when they don’t have support neither recognition nor wealth The country for which they are playing have no concern for them Then how the hell are they going to get motivation to play well? In Fifa Brazil lost the game and Argentina Fans in India were partying and dancing whole night Though Argentina was already out of the World Cup Someone in Kerala committed suicide that Messi’s team was out That was wrong of course, but Here our federation didn’t allow our team to play in the Asian Games no one even took a stand for it. Today I want to ask something from you all “IF THAT’S CRICKET THEN WHY IS THIS FOOTBALL” That’s a game too and This is a game too Losing and Winnig is a part of that and Winning and Losing is a part of This Then why do we only shout India-India Only for them aren’t they playing for India too. With broken arms and burning wounds they play but But for them these injuries are there to stay Then why do we only soothe them aren’t their Injuries injuries too? They get talked about a lot their stories are always trending and hot but they still exist in the after thought Then why do we celebrate their victories as festivals? Isn’t celebrating their victories also our right? Yes, they have broken countless records, but they too can get an award Their God have been born in this Country but from this land their Messiah have also germinated. Today they are living with the dream to play for the country and with this dream they are living too Then why do we preach national anthem only with them Isn’t their nation our nation too? See guys All I wanted to say was that all the love and support you give to cricket Give it to other Sports too The poem you heard at the end It was the wish of my friend that I read it to you all Link’s to his Instagram are in the description If you liked this video then make sure to like the video and if you are new then make sure to subscribe to the channel I will see you all in next video with some other topic, till then good bye