you are a hardworking person you want all kinds of Duty tutorials and you trip a lot be friends coaches you name it and you nail down your basic techniques but when you join back the crews they mostly play doubles and this is what happens where are you running bro you’re supposed to stay at the back I thought you wanted me to stay in the back but so do you want me going promised a behind double destroys friendship I read it to you basically crash a bird question is how do you solve this problem I’m gonna show you the different formations how do you train and the exception to this room so we don’t further do let’s fix up my hair and head over to the badminton court okay so I’m on my way to this thing up up in that Hall right now and I hope that after this video you will become better and playing you know doubles but bear in mind it’s gonna take a while a lot of practice still you actually remember the process the movements but I just want you to know you know all great permanent place was once a beginner and if they can learn how to become good pop it in place so can you so keep practicing and over the pin hole now let’s go so I’m you’re doing my warmup what did you say I’m not doing one more properly really fine fine I’ll do the proper warm-up then happy now okay so now we are all warmed up let’s begin okay so the first thing we’re going to look at is the attacking formation so attacking formation means one person is in front one person is behind this is ideal because any front shot the framers can intercept ah there we go and any shot is that’s at the back it’s easy for me to intercept right so how far front and how far back should we stand so for the front person I recommend approximately one record behind the service line so this is roughly where his uh center position is so every time he hits he comes back here and for the back person I would recognize it’s actually in the middle of the court if you can the more the more front you can stand the better it is because that’s where you can press your opening better of course if you’re not as fast so you would probably need to adjust your position to be a little bit more back alright so as you get faster your football is faster you need to stand more forward as Fred as the back person and likewise the front person if you know you are having difficulty reaching the front you may have to move your center of your return position forward your return position a little forward so basically you need the very of depending on the situation now we move on to the defensive position so for the defensive position we will be standing side by side see one on the left one on the right alright so the important thing to note is that your footwork needs to vary depending on the situation so what do I mean by that if let’s say I’m the left person if I lift a straight shot right I would have to got the straight smash so I need to stand a little more corner so they can got the straight and then your partner would have stand closer to me so he needs to get the center alright so conversely if he lives the straight shot so pretend your left so he would move there and I would cover the middle this way all right so that’s roughly how you do the defensive position so now the next question is when when do you use the defensive formation when you use the attacking formation so the important thing to note is that for the formation when whenever the opener is able to smash I’ll do a downwards aggressive short you would want to be in the defensive position because if you’re in the front and the player can smash headshot so what you want to avoid is that situation so as long as you’re able to the ideal position is sorry as long as you’re able to the ideal formation it’s always the attacking formation so as much as possible you want to be in the front back formation so unless the open a can attack then you switch to the side side defensive formation now you’ve nailed down the attacking formation as well as the defensive formation so how do we actually practice the footwork so over to the footwork the first thing we learn is to communication if you are hitting a high ball where we need to switch from the attacking formation to the defensive formation you need to have some sort of call to action typically what people in Singapore at least I was taught is that we will say things like free or square Allah and then that’s when we know we have to move to the side side side by side defensive formation otherwise it’s almost always attacking formation all right and when we think of the footwork we think of okay you know the six corner footwork where the player in front point to the player around the court so that was it’s the same thing except we need to communicate with our partner when do we move in front when do we do this defensive side to side formation so ask the front person pointing you can point the top half in the front that means that the person have to come in front to do the tap if not the person we have to do a lift and when a person lives you know what to do shout free or square and you know move to the second side position similarly when you point back that is when we have our own discretion whether we want to do a lot a smash a drop and then react accordingly tech note the person s pointing will not be indicating what shot you should hit because in reality their back the back person would decide if they want to attack or do you want to open up the game into a defensive play alright so this is roughly how you pan out and you can see right now you’re doing the footwork one very important thing to note is that if you’re in front never and I really never looked behind because that’s where the worst injuries occur we have any questions feel free to answer the comment section down below this is a little bit complex but I try I try to simplify it as much as I can and there’s one little extra thing that we need to learn which is the rotation so the rotation is kind of like an exception to this rule the rotation happens when there is a nice shot where we can come to this unique position called the double pressing position song in Chinese they call it show strong yeah miss 2 wasn’t pressing the front shot so this happens when there is a midcourt which is kind of loose shot where the back person is able to pressure very strongly so we’re in the back but is able to pressure then you will want to move forward and follow up because it it’s a much better position so in rotation it is always ideal to rotate forward because it’s a lot more aggressive it’s a lot more happening so this is an example of how the polar rotation looks like and then this is the double press formation I really don’t know how to translate it English but idea it’s a double transformation okay just call it double press where to percent is in front trying to pressure the open and this only happens because players are unable to defend all the shots are really charting enough that you can move over and commit to the kill oh so there was a lot of things to cover I hope this video was helpful you’re gonna expect or you’re gonna have to expect a lot of clashes because that’s what happened even for us because we haven’t practices in a while so the goal of this is to practice until you’re very fast at this and then move over to multi shot the drills so wait we haven’t shown you how to do the multi shutter drill okay here’s what if we get we can get forty five thousand subscribers in this channel we’re gonna do a multi shutter drill for the doubles formation strategies sounds good and you know a platform this did we cover everything and doubles mmm now we haven’t if you want to listen or watch more doubles for video be sure to give us a thumbs up subscribe to our Channel and I’ll see you in the next episode goodbye [Music]