Established in 2014 the Dorset Destroyers are the counties first wheelchair rugby club. Wheelchair rugby is umm a fantastic sport and very competitive for disabled people. Generally is played by tetraplegic and quadriplegic players The difference between able bodied rugby and wheelchair rugby is that we use a volleyball Because it’s better grip for us You’re allowed to pass the ball forwards and backwards You have 40 seconds on court to score from one end to the other Every ten seconds you have to bounce the ball And you’ve got 12 seconds to get out of your half and in to the oppositions half The rules basically, stay in the court. If you get knocked over… … and you know you haven’t got the ball… well it’s your hard luck we carry on playing People are seeing it on telly, they’re realising that disabled people are not just people in wheelchairs. They’re you know, extraordinarily competitive…. and you know the wheelchair rugby is a good avenue to sort of get out a hell of a lot of aggression. It’s dangerous if you start being incredibly silly You do get knocked out of your wheelchair. And yeh, you know, you get the odd broken sort of bits and pieces. But at the end of the day if you’re playing it correctly it’s… it is pretty safe. It’s good for my energy, my stamina and for working out exercise. It’s just the nice atmosphere as well, so it’s a nice social aspect to it as well, which I really enjoy And I think it’s just such a good thing for women to get into as well because it’s not like male dominated. I think that women do play a good part in wheelchair rugby and you don’t feel uncomfortable everyone’s welcome to play it. and everyone is made to feel really welcome in the team. and I think more women should take it up. Definitely This is completely different to what you would see normal people in in an every day chair. If you took this out on the road you would be stuck within a second because it’s so low to the ground, you’ve got castors all around so any bumps and that you would go over And we got the camber on the wheels as well which keeps it in as straight as line possible and it spins on the spot like… well like nothing else. you know, you can move super well in it. You have two different types of chairs. You have defensive chair and an offensive chair The defensive one you’ll see will have this bar on the front. This is designed for stopping players and holding them still to stop them moving. and the offensive chair will be rounded and as smooth as possible so when you go in for hits you bounce straight off and keep going. For further details about the Dorset Destroyers either visit their website at or phone 07747586006