TORONTO 2015 PARAPAN AM GAMES Well, leading into TO2015 here, we’re preparing as it’s the biggest tournament of the year for us. (Bo Hedges: Canada, Wheelchair Basketball) It’s our qualifying tournament for Rio de Janeiro. So, we’ve got great teams from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and America. It’s a challenge, and we’re really accepting that challenge and really pushing towards Rio And from Parapans on it will be a one year push to that tournament and Paralympics are an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to being there and representing Canada again. I think everyone needs to come out and support the Parapan games. It’s great athletes competing for their country, everybody’s training as hard as any other athlete in the world. You’ll be amazed at what you see and how the sports are participated in and how the athletes are out there competing and representing their country just like any other athlete. TORONTO PAN AM / PARAPAN AM GAMES