– Which one’s gonna break first? The compressor or the football? (laughs) (loud boom) – [All] Oh! (synth note) – We’ve been asked a lot
about different things from Australia and around the world. And one thing particular is, an Australian football. And I didn’t even know
there was a difference or that there was a thing, I’m sorry to all of you from Australia. Welcome to our friends
from How Ridiculous. – Hey guys, it’s great to be here. I’m Brett, this is Derek and Scott. And we’ve done a (mumbles) trick shots with Sherrin Australian footballs. So, we’re looking forward to showing you guys how it all works and then seeing what’s inside it. – [Voiceover] Train, train for the footy. What is it? Footy? – Footy is like what everyone
would call it pretty much. – [Voiceover] Footy. No one really says football. – [Voiceover] Why do we have four random flagpoles sticking out. – Four posts that are different heights. To score six points you
have to kick the ball through the two big ones
and that’s called a goal. If you kick it and it goes through there, the big one and the little
one, it’s only one point. And then he would do the signal. And that means that it’s a goal and you go back to the middle. So when you kick it, you want to hold it so
it’s facing like this. You don’t want to kick it like that cause it will go all over the place. And kick the bottom of the ball. – Okay. – Like this. Ready? I’ll kick it to Scott
and he’ll kick it back. See? Perfect. (grunts) So yeah, hold it like that. Yup, there you go. Kick. – [All] Oh! – [Voiceover] Nice Lincoln. – Good. – This is much better. – So this is your, oh! – [Voiceover] Oh, boy. – This is what happens when Australian football meets cricket. (thud) – Goal!
– Yeah! – Sherrin footballs have
been around since 1890 and there’s 27 employees in
the factory that makes these, and they make 500
footballs every single day. We’re gonna do something
a little different, rather than cut open
this Australian football – We’re gonna blow it up. (laughs)
(imitates explosion) – Hope this works, we
only got one shot at it. (generator hum) (mumbles) (explodes) – Oh! Oh my gosh. Woah! Holy moly! (slow motion explosion) (slow motion yelling) (energetic beat) – Okay so there’s the bladder inside and there’s where the
actual nozzle kind of, the needle goes into there. This is actually really,
really strong leather, and a lot stronger than some of the other sports
balls that we’ve opened because it did not rip
the leather one bit. This one right here is
like the $20 knockoff that you can buy so kids can buy them just to play with them. They’re a little lighter,
not as tough, I can’t imagine – It’s smaller – It’s not gonna explode like this one. But we gotta see. Cause we have it and this was so amazing that we’ve got to take a look at it with the knockoff version, so. Alright buddy, whenever
you’re ready push that button. – I’m so ready! (screams) (generator hum) (soft explosion) (energetic beat) (laughs) – Look at it! It broke the leather. But it hasn’t broke the ball yet. I mean, look at this. Who would have thought that these threads would
tear before the ball would. (soft explosion) (laughs) – Okay, it didn’t make that
loud of a noise but we got it. Look at that tear in it. Going right through it. That’s some weak stuff. I still can’t believe it didn’t tear up. It looks the same as
the other one, it just, I guess the difference
between the cheap ball and the nice ball, is the
quality of the leather. This is not leather and the
stitching is not strong. This was a lot of fun we really
enjoyed making this video and we learned something. We have a new respect
for Australian football and someday we actually
need to watch a match, or a game, or whatever it’s called. – Oh definitely.
– Yeah. – Put a link in the description below or you can click at the end card here and watch a video with
the best of the best of your trick shots, right? – Yeah. Australian football, the best
trick shots we’ve ever done. – The cream of the crop. – Okay. Alright. So go check it out on their channel. Thanks for watching guys. (synth beat)