– I knew basketball was gonna be my life ever since I was a little boy. I just stuck with it, and I kept myself around friends that wanted to be in a
gym with myself, so…. The partying I did was at the basketball court. And that’s all I’ve ever done. My dad’s from Inglewood, California. My mom’s from Wichita, Kansas. However, they met up
in Tacoma, Washington, and ended up having kids and raising me. My dad is someone I really look up to, someone that I always wanted to be like. My mom is the one that when I got
in trouble I’d just…. I’d go to my mom’s house because I know I’d be O.K. And without those two people I definitely wouldn’t be here today…. but I wouldn’t be the person, the father, the husband, the friend that I am today to a lot of people, so…. I can’t say enough about them. And you ask anybody, Tacoma is a rough city,
a rough neighborhood. But at the same time
it’s made me who I am. And without Tacoma, I
wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today. And…. and that’s why I love the city so much. – Another Zeke here, Zeke 17. All over again. We back to it. This is what we do. Back in it to win it. – Way out here. – Don’t meet me there. Beat me there. – Zeke-End weekend. Going down, baby. – Zeke-End is my annual
basketball tournament that I have back in Tacoma,
Washington, my hometown. And it’s getting bigger
and better every year. It was something we
always looked forward to after the season. It’s amazing to see so many
people come and support. Russell Wilson stopped by. We had John Wall come, Kelly Olynyk, Terry Rozier, Dejounte Murray with
the San Antonio Spurs. Jamal Crawford played in it. And it was a star-studded event. And this was the first
year I wasn’t able to play. So that was another tough
thing that I had to go through because if you know
me, I play in anything. I play in YMCA leagues, I play in community-center leagues, I’m LA Fitness, I’m everywhere. So for me having to be
able to watch and coach, like, it was tough. – We gotta rebound. [Crowd cheering.] – We don’t have a team no more. We don’t have the Seattle Sonics. so they don’t get to see NBA players. And for NBA players to
come and be able to play, that’s their NBA to them. And it’s a great weekend and we always have a good time. [Crowd Cheering.] – Damn! [Crowd Cheering.] – I love this man. This is dope. Being from here, seeing this, seeing somebody from here…. I wish we had this when
I was a kid, for real. – Come on! [Dance music
playing. Crowd Cheering.] – We still got…. We still got…. Come on! For the win. Yay! – I remember when I was
younger my dad would take me to like one or two Sonics games a year. They would always play like the Lakers, because that was his favorite team, so…. I would go to those games, and it was everything for me to just be at those games, and be by the tunnel and slap guys, give guys high-fives. It makes me cherish those moments, because I was once in those kids’ shoes. Being able to just touch NBA players was everything to me. Luckily I have two boys, and it’s a cool feeling to
be able to be an NBA player and see them enjoy the
perks of having that life. My family is everything. I remember at a young
age my dad always said, “Don’t be a follower. Be a leader.” And that stuck with me. Before I looked up to
anybody, I looked up to him. I wanted to do … give
something to my dad for the passing of my little sister…. so, I mean, my little sister
can always be with him. I got one of the best
pictures of my little sister, and thought of a idea of a chain. And as I get older you
cherish those moments with your family the most. What are we doing? Guys, are we gonna play or talk? – Come on! – Shoot it. Shoot it. Ah! I got a basketball court at my house, so I was still out there every day playing with my kids. Trying to, at least. Only thing I couldn’t do was run. My job as a father is to show my kids the ropes of being respectable young men, showing them ropes of being successful at whatever they want to do in life. I just try to make sure they’re
good in all aspects of life. And I think that’s what my dad did to me. If I’m right here, look at the hoop. Good shot, good pass. Good pass. – Good pass. – Thank you. – And a good shot. – Bringing in a human being to this world, and being able to mold him to really whatever you really
want to mold him into, and…. Luckily I have two boys
that are energetic, and love being who they are. And that’s what I love
about being a father. I mean, basketball’s
always gonna be there, that’s my first love. But family is everything to me. – Dad, I’m sweating a
little bit on my nose. – Yeah, you’re sweating all over. – Bucket!