Hows this game going for you? Yeah, it’s really in the balance. We’ve got
a lead of 20 runs on the first innings but, they’re now ahead by about 60 and they’re
five wickets down. It’ll be a good afternoon of cricket. So hopefully get a few quick wickets after
this lunch break? Yeah, hopefully we wrap them up pretty quick
because it’s getting hard to bat out there the longer it goes. We don’t want to be chasing
too many. So, hopefully in by tea for your guys? If they’re still batting by tea they’ve done
really well because that wicket is very hard to bat on. A lot of balls shooting low or
popping up. How are your bowlers doing? They’re hanging in there. It’s a tough wicket
for the fast bowlers because it’s not really bouncing. The spinners are hard to play and
the medium pacers doing a good job. Is the pitch holding up alright out there? It’ll get through the day.