Hey, what’s happening everyone, welcome back to the Rummy Bears Channel (L) I’m Rummy Bear Loren, (S) and I’m Rummy Bear Sarah And we’re continuing with Part 9 of our full playthrough on Dark Souls I completely lost count of how many deaths we’re at, probably like 20 after the last couple of episodes but as usual I’ll have my little death counter in the top right we’re going to switch up the drink, and uh moving away from white rum, but we’re going to be drinking Three Olives Tartz um… I think this is like a sweet tart flavored vodka (S) Yeah, I think that it’s like a sweet tart It’s a little tangy I think And the bottle looks like a sweet tart It does…so I just took a shot to start the episode um… Yeah, it’s kind of tangy, It tastes like an alcohol, I guess what an alcoholic sweet tart might be the best way to like the best thing to compmare it to dissolved sweet tarts in vodka Yeah, it’s not like chalky Still not too bad, it’s really sweet And then today’s drinking challenge… And