All right, Percy, match week for your senior campaign
here at Ole Miss. How did the Fall
training sessions go as you guys gear up
for your first games? We had a really good
pre-season Fall camp. We worked really, really
hard, and I’m excited to see how we come out this weekend. So you guys on the back
line lose Caroline, but you’ve had all the
experience in the world. Avery’s growing up, Maggie’s
joined the program this year. What have you seen from
your group, specifically? Us three DS’s, including
Maggie and Avery, we’ve worked really,
really hard this year and I’m super excited. I think we’ve built a
really good foundation for our back row,
and I know that our group is going to be really
successful this year. Have a great challenge
this weekend, Rice, Iowa State, UCF, some
powerhouse programs coming down. What’s it gonna mean to
you guys to start off with such challenges like that? It’s gonna be a real
test for our team, but I’m excited. I wouldn’t really want
to have it any other way. It’s gonna be really,
really good competition. It’s gonna see kind
of where we’re at for the rest of the season and
where to build on from that. So as a Senior here,
setting goals ahead, what are you looking at,
what are you trying to bring to this group to ensure that
there’s some success this year? Well, I obviously want to
get some wins this year and I’m kind of
taking it day by day. Bases, and obviously being
a leader to the team, since it is my last season, but just taking it week
by week, game by game, and hopefully we’ll
continue to get wins and have a really great year.