What is the normal system to cover – attack in positon 4 the setter coming, the middle blocker coming, the libero coming. Ok, this is for cover. In Argentina, more in Argentina, because our players have not strong attack every time, not so much power, we need to play different. The second ball of the side-out is very important. What is the second ball? Surely is not the first. The second ball is – the ball is high ball, play every time to the block, cover and attack again. In Argentina 20% of the side-out are played in such situations. 20%. 10 serves – two or more, three balls, take to the block and come back. That’s another possibility. I play a different situation in cover. Cover. The middle blocker here goes to the three meter, the libero coming, the setter coming. position 6 as there is no pipe has taken here – back for a long ball, the middle blocker and the opposite stay here. Why? Playing to the block, coming, the middle blocker goes for the first tempo and pipe. In this system we have three possibilities to attack the second ball. Fast ball, fast. Good reception, plus reception. Libero, libero cover, eh cover – libero here. All the balls touched and back – the libero takes. After… Positions… Setter go, middle blocker go. Setter, middle blocker here. High ball, high. Here, high ball. Libero, back, libero. Middle blocker here. Middle blocker. On position 6 the spiker back. For this ball. Two or three blockers. Why? I explained yesterday. Why? The spiker have three blockers, high ball, touched – the middle blocker takes, goes for the first tempo, pipe. This is a spiker who is free to attack. In difficult situations for the spiker in position 4.