Hey Guys! Welcome to my first vlog. Today we are heading up to watch a Rugby match
Watch it till the end. After So much Hardwork I managed to bring cash from ATM. Had to request the parking guy too This is my mate Sunny. There’s one Prob Sunny has his ticket along. We’ve reached at stadium but I forgot to bring my printed entry ticket. My ticket photo is coming over whatsapp. Lets see if they let me in 😀 Finally, we made it Lets run Sunny bro! Where we are going ? Is it suit or suite? *Typical Punjabi song at the background* Sunny bro has begin his evening plans. Starting off light with water 😀 *Sunny Now blabbering* *Sunny explaning his drink* We are hungry af Tired of eating fries now, we need food. We are better off with IPL matches, because food is the last thing to worry about there. *Forced to support our team Warriors :D* Something happened and i have no clue whatsoever 😀 *Support to warriors* *Unexplainable language used by—–* *—- giving match highlights in his SELF Taught language*