One thing that you can work on is
shooting and that’s why Base has been teaching shooting for the past six years.
Proper technique will give the proper result by hitting
your target. You’ve got your typical shooter tutors, where you shoot
at a goalie that doesn’t move and you you pick your corner. It’s time
that hockey advances. So when someone actually sees the light go on,
how quick can you react and hit the target because that’s really what
happens in a game situation. Now visually, it’s giving you a mindset that
you actually have to wait, look to see what your target is, and then fire. So I
think it only advances the shooters from Base. I think Base Hockey
is dying for something like this because it’s new technology it makes each player
want to try and work harder at their game but now, having technology like this, it forces kids in a fun way to get better. And the one thing about this, it’s
non-political, anyone can do it from the best players down to beer leaguers,
they’ll even improve. To me it’s brilliant so it’s a good match for Base Hockey.