So Sebi, we’re gonna do a little game together. Arthur and I are going to ask you questions. Your goal will, obviously, be to give us the right answer. If you give us the right answer, you stay with this kid weight. If you fail, we add some more weight. One, two, three, it will depend. Understood? No problem. We’re here to play, let’s go. We’ll start with an easy one, I’m nice to you. How many Maxime are in our group? A.1 B.2 C.3 2. Easy, I said it.
– Médard and Machenaud. Which one of these players scored two tries in the last World Cup? A. Slimani B. Médard C. Fickou D. Lopez It’s an easy one too.
– Fickou? Wrong. Slimani!
– Well, okay. Can you let it go please? Incredible. Incredible! I gave you an easy one before so now, it’s time for a difficult one. Give me all the countries who won the world cup since its creation in 87. 87?
– Yeah New Zealand, England Australia South Africa That’s good What were the Japanese authorities afraid of in May, according to AFP? A. The massive arrival of poorly educated tourists in the country B. A noodle shortage C. A beer shortage A?
– Well, no A beer shortage.
– What? The hard questions are there actually.
– The Japanese drink beer? Don’t chill, take it back. Why does the brand responsible for the official ball of the World cup is named Gilbert? A. Because its creator was a close friends to French singer Gilbert Montagné B. Because the clobber right next to the Rugby college was named William Gilbert C. As an homage to Gilbert Jones, William Webbs Ellis’ best friend. Why are you stopping?
– Maybe it’s a trap question. Go ahead, go ahead.
– I’d say C. Okay, because it’s B. Alright. Go ahead, don’t stop Come on Arthur, go ahead… What’s the biggest win in the XV de France history in World Cup? A. A 51-13 win against Italy in 2003 B. A 87-10 win
– Why do you stop?
– I’m listening!
– Don’t listen like that.
– Oh, sorry. A 87-10 win against Namibia C. 93-6, Against Ivory Coast in 2011. Namibia Well done. Give me 7 players who started the 2011 final against New Zealand. Don’t stop though, think while doing. Go slow please. That’s good, yeah It’s good.
– I said the forward. Well done, it’s a win. At which game did the biggest crowd show up on the 11th of October 2015 with 89267 fans? A. Argentina – Australia
– Don’t try to win time New Zealand – Australia or Ireland-Romania New Zealand – Australia. Wrong, it’s Ireland – Romania it’s over?
Yeah but you need to do some. How much did he do? 2 out of 4. I did better, are you crazy? It’s okay, well done.