I’m Deysi from Design Squad,
and I’m with: Sorry. We are going to repurpose
this vacuum cleaner. ELLIOT:
“Repurpose” means using an item the way it was
not designed to be used. (vacuum starts) Normally, this is used
in your everyday life… to suck up unwanted dirt. ELLIOT: If you’re going
to do some activities with a vacuum cleaner,
like we are, you should always
have an adult present. That’s pretty cool. I love how like each ribbon goes
at a different time. This vacuum is
a fan inside a box. ELEANOR: The fan is pushing
the air in this direction. So then the air
collects the dirt. We’re going to repurpose it
and switch the hose around from here to here, so it
therefore blows air out. DAVID: I think not all vacuum
cleaners actually do this, so check
with your vacuum cleaner. Instead of the vacuum creating
suction, it’s blowing air. We’re going to use
the blowing capability of our vacuum cleaner… and make an air hockey table. Eleanor and David are using cardboard, a plastic bag and some tape. It’s a proof-of-concept
of an air hockey table. ELLIOT:
“Proof-of-concept” is testing the idea. DAVID:
It’s just a small part of it, so we can actually see if the bag system
actually works. Oh! We can feel some air coming out. The top is curving. The cardboard is curving
because the bag is curving. DAVID:
Why don’t we just try a big box. Eliminate the bag altogether. We have this big,
nice bike box. We’re going to make
this whole thing our air hockey table. I think we need to seal it up
really good and tape it. It should be air tight. ELEANOR: This bike box has
double-thickness cardboard. We hope it’s going
to work better because it maybe won’t curve. Let’s try one inch
apart for each hole. ELLIOT:
We’re going to put the vacuum right in here, and that will supply
air to the table. (vacuum starts)
There we go. Oh, look! You see how the big puck floats
and the little one doesn’t? ELEANOR:
A big puck works much better than a small puck because it has more places
that the air can push it up. DEYSI:
The puck is really floating. It’s actually working! ELLIOT:
We have repurposed the vacuum cleaner!