There’s no complacency, I always push myself as far as I can and all the things that I do, all the different hats that I wear and the balls that I’m juggling at the same time. It’s really what makes me tick. The first time that I ever wore a USA jersey was actually at the 2007 world cup. To run onto the field and see the packed stadium and sing the national anthem alongside my friends was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I knew without a question that that was something I want to dedicate my life to for the next several years and see if I could do it all over again. He doesn’t have someone telling him what training he should be doing, where he needs to be. There’s really nothing handed to him. He’s always worked really hard for everything. The greatest moment of my life probably was when my daughter was born. The transition of a role from a father to a husband to a teacher to a coach to a rugby player, it’s all about a pursuit of excellence. To me, if I was going to take my game to the next level, I have to make efficient use of my time. I don’t get much free time and downtime during the day. I see him leaving at like seven o’clock in the morning, then he’s off and running to the train station, running with the knapsack on and sometimes his hair is in a mess. I run into Mike every morning when he’s going to school, he’s planning out his classes, he’s very prepared so he’s not leaving any aspect of his life untouched. In that way, it doesn’t necessarily get in the way of his rugby, which is obviously a very big passion of his. I need to make the most of every minute that I get during a day and sometimes that means training through a lunch period. I have a very limited amount of time to get things done and so when I go in with my plan, I make sure that I keep track of it all and so this way every time I walk in and walk out the door, I walk out better. Even though I went back and recognize that he had five radically original problem, did he actually waste his time? When the school day is over, I also coach the varsity rugby team here at Xavier. He loves to coach kids and the kids actually look up to him. I encourage them all the time to sit down and set their goals. Every little incremental success and every little victory, leaves them ultimately to where they’ll want to be. After that, he has a small break for dinner and then it’s off to rugby practice himself. I mean I’m trying to do a lot at once and I’m juggling a lot of different roles and responsibilities but none of it’s possible without a great support network and so to have the people around me that I’m lucky to have alongside me is just really, they’re what makes it all happen.