(music) I’m Dane Jackson, assistant coach here at UND hockey. Just thought we’d take you through our new renovation. This is our main area where our players come down on a day-to-day basis. Our offices used to be upstairs at Ralph Engelstad Arena. Now we’re downstairs by our players. This is where we come through, our main, kind of front area where we go into our offices are down here. Our receptionist, Whitney, takes care of us and organizes us, but kind of a waiting area and offices back in there. Right here, a couple of our Hobey Baker award winners, Tony Hrkac in 1987 and Ryan Duncan in 2007. On this side, some of our different awards. Some of the yearly awards we give out to different players. Archie Krum and Fido Purpur, Jeff Anderson, Tom Hoghaug, our rookie of the year. Here we have our current team. So we’ve never really done this before, but we just have a picture and a bio on each of our current players, their positions, height and weight, year they’re in, where they’re from, previous team and what major they’re taking. Here’s the championship tradition wall. We talk a lot about the players and coaches and teams that have come before us and the tradition they’ve built at UND hockey, so we have our seven national champions. All right, we’re going to take you through our Grand Hallway, where the guys enter. In here, we tried to capture the spirit of our tradition over the years, so we have all the different jerseys from the different eras and years. This one, I think, was one of the very first years, 1948 and 49. Ralph Engelstad played in that era. All different years, right from the late ’40s to the current day. We have some different stories about different ones. “Through These Doors Walk Champions.” Kind of a saying we have around here, obviously, and we like our guys to continually be reminded that that’s what we’re here for is to win championships and make sure they know the standard of excellence that has been put here from the years before. Here is our NHL wall. These are all the players over the years of UND hockey. Big picture of Jonny Toews and Matt Greene on one end, and on the far end, we have a picture of Zach Parise and T.J. Oshie. And in the middle, just all the different 30 NHL teams, players that have come through UND hockey and have played at least one game in the NHL. On this side, we have all the players all-time that have been drafted to the NHL. Now we’re taking you back into our office area and coaches lounge, recruiting lounge. In here a lot of times, we’ll meet with families and recruits in here. Kind of a traditions wall we have. It was a tough list to put together but we have about 50 names, some great players, again great coaches. If we want to have the room private, we can gloss over the glass and make it a private meeting. All right, we’ll head into our locker room here. So we wanted to “close in” our locker room, make it a little tighter, smaller feel. A lot of the new locker rooms around the NHL are more circular or oval. This is where we can do some drill demonstration if we want here. Kind of a neat Smartboard. Eric is back here folding socks, doing his thing. He takes care of all the guys’ equipment kind of in this area, right besides the rink. Here we have the seven national championship trophies, Broadmoor Trophy. This is the hallway we head out toward the ice surface, and a quote from Ralph, we refer to: “No dream comes true until you wake up and go to work.” Always a good one, This is where we head out to the ice surface. So this is our lounge area, where our guys’ favorite thing is playing ping pong. Our ping pong rankings, Nick Schmaltz just won the tournament, beat out Johnny SImonson in the finals. We’ve got some computers, a place to watch TV, a lounging area to kind of lay down. Sometimes on game days, our guys take a nap back there. In here, it’s really nice, where we’re pretty fortunate we have breakfast, kind of a light breakfast and lunch out for our guys each day. We also eat our pre-game meals in here. Little area to honor our guys that played in the World Junior Championships over the years. On this side, we have our Stanley Cup champions. I think our first was Craig Ludwig back in 1986. Just below him, Matt Greene, 2014. Fun to have Matt bring back the Stanley Cup back last summer. Down here, we have our NHL major award winners, starting back with Troy Murray winning the Selke as best defensive forward back in 1985-86. Here we have a spot to honor our Olympians, most recently in Sochi in ’14, Toews, Parise and Oshie were all in there. And in here, this is where we do all our video. Coach Hakstol will do a lot of 5 on 5 play, where he’ll have our kind of pre-scout of the other team, about their key players and their tendencies. Our area was really nice before. We’re fortunate, I know Coach Hakstol’s always wanting us to be doing things and be a top team in the program and the Engelstads allowed us with their gift to, for recruiting purposes mainly, but also the kind of comfort and functionality of our players, to be around the rink a lot, work on their game, whether it be lifting weights or going out and shooting pucks more, or be in the lounge to just hang out with the team or study or whatever it may be. We’re extremely fortunate and feel very privileged to be part of UND hockey and try to add to the tradition here at UND.