– This is it guys! If you’ve been following
us for the last six months, you know that Lincoln
and I took a special trip to Nike Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. – [Lincoln] It was awesome! (funky music) – [Man] It was great. Lincoln, what did you do while
there that was super cool? – So while we there, I got
to design my own shoes. – Nike Air Max.
– Nike Air Max shoes. So I got to pick the colors,
the material, everything. Now, in December, the shoes have arrived. – [Man] They’re here! That was like six months ago– – In that box. – [Man] They’re right here in this box. Okay, tell us your thoughts
now six months later. Do you remember what you were thinking when you designed the shoe? – It was basically Tesla designed. – [Man] Based off of our Tesla. – That we had awhile
ago, and we got rid of. – It’s been that long
since we designed this, that we don’t even own the car anymore. Tinker Hatfield thought
it was a really good idea because he thought that it was
like, the future of things. – I love the color blue, so
I got what’s the color blue, and then the wavy lines
come from the Tesla, because Tesla’s electric,
and we have a Tesla, so I love electric vehicles, so… – [Man] All the gray is metallic silver, So going more with that automotive finish. – You get that really speedy,
fast, automotive vibe. – Tinker, he said that he
liked the color weight a lot. He was like, it’s super
wearable, it’s super modern. And then, he liked the
inspiration from the Tesla car, specially because, ya know, it’s 2017. Electric cars are out there, it’s a thing, and if, ya know, we have
a platform to talk about electric way of living,
that’s a little bit better for the world and everybody in it. That’s a great message
to sort of send, and as opposed to some other
forms of inspiration that gives a little bit a message, we’re totally cool. – [Man] So now we have a white Tesla. Do you still, are you
still gonna like the shoes? – Well, yeah. – Do you need to design new Nikes now? – That would be cool. But no, I’m fine. – [Man] (laughs) Alright! Oh, they’re in the big orange box! That doesn’t look like a shoe box. – [Woman] I think that
one might be Lincoln’s, maybe it’s this one. – [Man] Oh, oh, oh don’t
open em up yet, guys. Don’t touch mama’s shoes! – Don’t touch my shoes! – Don’t touch em, we’ll
have plenty of time to sort whose shoes they are. – Look on this, look on this,
it says: Lincoln version. – Alright, here’s the plan, Lincoln. Open it up, and show us the shoe. And let’s get our thoughts,
like what do we… okay, wait, wait, wait, disclaimer: they told us, when we were
looking at the actual print-out of what Lincoln designed,
that it’s gonna look different in person, a little bit, than
what it did on the picture, because the materials are hard to convey exactly on the paper. – Doo doo! – Oh! ♪ Do, do, do, do ♪ – [Woman] They are so cool-looking! – Whoa, they’re so shiny! – [Man] Oh, they are really shiny! ♪ Scrub the deck and make it look shiny ♪ – I’ve never such shiny ones, it really does look like metal. – It does!
– Yeah! – [Man] Oh, the alien guy! Alright, thoughts Lincoln, thoughts. They are the shiniest
shoes I’ve ever seen. – Looks awesome. – I love the Nike right here, like the font of the Nike there. – Did you choose that?
– Yeah I did, yeah. – Is it different on each
shoe, or is it same on both? – Those are so cool! – [Girl] I mean, I really do
think this looks like metal. – [Woman] Yeah. – Wait, I have a thought– – They smell, amazing. (upbeat music) – They’re so shiny! – These are mine. – [Man] This box is a special one. Alright, Lincoln, this box
must be specially for you. Let’s see what it is, oooh. – Lincoln Markham, Lincoln, we hope you are
as excited about your Air Max Zero as we are! Thank you for being a
part of the Air journey. Happy Holidays! Best, the Nike Young Athletes Team. Oh! Love it.
– Aww, sweet! – It’s not just cause Lincoln designed it. Maybe it is. These are some of my favorite
Nikes I’ve ever seen. And they’re a little
flashy, I’ll be honest. Like, I’m a dad that’s like old and dorky. So they’re a little bit flashy for me, but even with that, I
think they’re super cool. ♪ Feelin’ ♪ ♪ All right ♪ (heavy drum music) – Okay, let’s put our shoes on. (laughter) That was a lot of work. But it’s the moment we’ve
all been waiting for. – Oh yeah. – Aww yeah. They look pretty cool. – You’re fast. They’re really cool. – Yeah! – [Woman] And they feel really good. – Can you slam dunk a ball in those shoes? That is the question. (applauding and cheers) Oh, no big deal at all, look at that. – I normally wouldn’t be wearing
it with this outfit, but– – [Man] Would you usually
be wearing a fur with it? – (laughing) No. – Claire, how you feeling, girl? – Good, I love them. – [Man] Let’s see London’s. – Mine are small. They look small, but
they don’t feel small. – [Man] Mine look great. Do yours fit, I mean like really? – Yeah. – Mine are perfect, absolutely perfect. – [Man] Okay, Lincoln, do yours fit? Are they too small, too big? – They’re good. – The question you might be asking is, can I buy some of these? I can already see the comments. Alright, so if you want some of these, I don’t have all the details, but I will update the description, so if you wanna look
back in the description. But what I do know is that they’re going to sell 500 pair of these, and we already have five
pair for our family. So I guess 495. – I might wanna get a
couple more pairs, so… ‘Cause I’m not gonna
stay size nine forever. – Or will you? Alright, so the deal on the shoes, – They look really cool. – They do look cool. If you wanna get some,
they’re gonna be selling ’em maybe in like a month or so. This is just a really cool experience that Nike let us do. And it’s pretty amazing to
have his own little shoe. So, thank you Nike for letting
us have this opportunity. You guys should buy this shoe! And the latest on the comments, do you want us to cut one of these open and
see what’s inside of it? We’ve already done an Air Max before. Alright, so anyway, thank you Nike for sending us these awesome shoes. That was a really cool experience, and um, yeah, if you guys wanna buy ’em, hopefully you can buy ’em soon. We’ll let you know. Bye, old car, it’s been good! (mournful music)