Edward he’s a competitor and he’s tough
don’t let the smile fool you off the court when that dude gets real mean he’s
a beast When he’s on the floor he’s just got that gleam in his eye I
mean he was really made for it Edward was born with a congenital M
difference in which the fibula doesn’t develop properly He for otherwise can form a very functional normal life with the use of a
prosthesis I don’t really feel different sometimes I
wonder about it but not much Any problem of this system? Nope. I had conversations with his PE teacher and his school counselor They were more concerned what can Edward do and what can he not do usually in these conversations I tell him I don’t think you should give
him any limitations The first time I really wanted to get into basketball was
because my brother did it. Oh that looks cool I want to do that Dr. Alex told me that
oh there was a basketball camp so I was excited to go Part of the Amputee Comprehensive
Training Program is to hold clinics and events in a very supportive
comfortable environment to try new things because that’s for an amputee
that’s often a big hurdle is just trying something for the first time they probably think they can’t do it The AMP1 Team in the service as role models to a lot
of people trying things for the first time because they’re very
experienced athletes with prosthetic devices and they kind of show what
is possible It felt like I was like part of everybody since I was kind of
the same type of group so I felt I felt great to be with the same kind of
me Edward took some of the lessons and interests that he gained try to offer
his local team Edward comes to tryouts right and I didn’t even notice for like
the first hour and did not just happen to just look down
oh man I’ve been yelling this kid all day I remember my dad told me I needed
new shoes so he said if you make the team of I’ll buy you basketball shoes, and if you don’t, I’m gonna just play regular your shoes so I would be happy either way but like I
got the basketball shoes Do I seen him just to be able to beat guys in a
sprint, and he’s pushing it doesn’t complain, he’s probably the toughest kid we have. But the role these clinics is to increase confidence and mobility on your
device and when you gain that you’re going to do the things that you love to
do Nobody really looks at him differently here you know nobody’s
saying “wow, you know that kids amazing for overcoming his challenges.” He’s just Eddie to us.