-Those are the real ones?
-Yeah. Feel it. -Is it —
oh, my God. Wow, wow, wow.
-Feel how heavy. -I’m sorry I just banged it.
Yeah, it’s really heavy, yeah. Is it affecting
your posture? -Neck exercise, a little bit.
-Neck exercise, yeah. That’s a great —
that’s a great medal. It feels fantastic. Are you flipping out?
Have you taken it off? I would never
take it off. -No. We’re sleeping in them.
We’re sleeping in them. -I think we’re flipping out
just begin here right now. -Oh, really?
-Yeah. -No, this — but, I mean,
I would — do you wear that, like,
if you go to Starbucks, and you go, and like…? I would just wear it
wherever I went. Like, yeah, and like,
“Yeah, by the way, I won one of these.”
Yeah. [ Laughter ] I’ve got to say,
the shot that you — Now, you guys are identical
twin sisters, right? -Yep.
-I just want to — Yeah.
It’s clear, seeing you, but I just
wanted to make sure. I just wanted to make sure
I wasn’t have a stroke
or something. I was like… Okay,
you’re identical. Is that bizarre,
that you guys both ended up on the USA —
on Team USA? -[ Raspy ] Well, it’s just
kind of always been… -She lost her voice,
so I can speak her mind. -Yeah, So, speak
for her, yeah. [ Laughter ] Our opportunities
have been unique, just always being able to
do everything together, and it’s always been
our dream to do it together. So, if it was only one of us,
then that would be weird for us. -You’ve got to have
some proud parents, there. The score — the shot that we just saw. The — the,
“Oops, I did it again” shot. -Yep.
-It’s called
“Oops, I did it again.” That’s why I go, “Dude,
I love these guys so much.” Wait.
So, who designed that? Britney Spears? [ Laughter ] -Our old college coach,
Peter Elander, worked tirelessly
on different drills, and that one of the
unique names he came up with. And so, it was “Oops,
I did it again,” in reverse. That’s just what
he called it. He’s Swedish, so it’s just
more funny even coming in a Swedish accent. -Oh, yeah, of course. -She’s failed at it
thousands of times, and I think she’s ever done it
more perfectly than on that goal.
-It was the best. Have you heard
from Britney Spears? -Yeah.
I got a tweet from her. -You did?
-Yeah. That’s pretty cool. -Oh, that’s crazy. And have you heard from
Justin Bieber? I know you tweeted
at Justin Bieber. -No. I have not heard. [ Audience “aw”s ] -This is unbelievable.
This is breaking my heart. -I know. Wait. Wait, wait.
I’ve got to show you something. -Yeah. Oh, Team Bieber. [ Cheers ] You’re a Belieber.
-Of course. -You are a Belieber, yeah.
-Huge fan. -And you’re a huge fan.
We love Justin Bieber. He’s been on the show
a bunch of times. And what —
why do you want — You want a tweet back? Or what
do you want to do with him? -I mean… [ Laughter ] -What’s your business?
What’s you business
with Justin Bieber? -I mean, yeah,
I want him to notice me. That’d be awesome.
But I mean, I want to go
stop his shot, too. -Really? “Stop his shot”?
-In men’s league. -Are you challenging him?
-Yeah. -But does he —
does he play? Does he play?
I didn’t know he played hockey. -No, he plays hockey.
-Of course. He’s Canadian. [ Laughter ] You have to.
But, so, did he play —
where does he play? Justin,
she’s calling you out, here. I mean, yeah. I’ve got to say,
when you blocked that last goal, it was just —
that was the most emotional, coolest thing,
’cause you blocked it and you were like,
“That’s it. We won, dude.” And I’m like… I’m just, like,
bawling, crying. I was just so proud
of you guys. I was like —
that’s what you want. You want that emotion,
and I just… Oh, I can’t even tell you. I
just think it’s such a great — a great moment we all needed,
as a country, too. So, you made us all proud.
Thank you very much. [ Cheering ] Meghan… talk about… talk a little bit about
your fight for equal rights in hockey.
-Yeah, happy to. I think, a few of us have been
in our program a long time, and just, were seeing things
that we thought, you know, it was time to make a change. I mean, we’ve —
everyone’s said it, it’s 2018. And we took a stand
to make sure that women in our program
were receiving the treatment that we felt was fair, and we would help kind of
pave the way for that next generation
of young girls, as well. -So cool. [ Cheering ] Best example ever —
you got the gold. You’ve brought me a gift,
which is very nice. No one ever brings me gifts.
You don’t have to do that. But it’s very nice of you. And I haven’t seen it yet,
but I’m very excited about this. This is from you guys
to me. Look at this. [ Audience “aw”s, cheers ] -Turn it around.
Yeah. [ Cheering ] [ Cheering ] [ Cheering ] -I’m so happy
to have met the four of you, but I’m also happy —
you didn’t come alone today. You brought your teammates. Say “hello” to the 2018
gold-medal-winning USA women’s hockey team. [ Cheering ] Hi. Hi. Hi.
Hi, hi, hi, hi. Hi. Thank you.
Hi. Congratulations! All right,
let’s take a photo. Let’s take a team photo. Ready? On the count
of three say, “USA.” One, two, three… -USA! -Your USA women’s
hockey team, everybody!