Whom to choose my friend or the girl.. We should never ditch a friend for a girl… But love is important Hey I am killing you Red, Blue, Yellow, Green… The colours are decided, let’s start the game. My chance first! Wait a minute. Let’s as DR first.
DR… Can we start the game? DR, which colour should start first? Wow! 6 in the first go… It’s my throw again! Why didnt you come to office? Sorry Sir, I have a lot of headache and fever today.I won’t be able to report to office Take a leave for today ,but be on time 2mrw yes boss Give me, its my chance. Yes!!! Its 6. He throws a 6 most of the time. What’s wrong with you people? All time stuck into this game. Are you all kids? Come, you too stick Guys why how could he throw a 6 all time? Understand dear, he is one of the kind. 5+1… Hahahaha… Dude he won again! Let’s start over again… Watch it dude! This time you won’t be the winner I will do a thing. I won’t cut out you two but Him. Don’t you do this. This is mere cheating. Are we stupid sitting here to check on failures all time. You have had most of this game.
Now its our turn to Win. Yes, he is right. You have taken too many credits for the game. Dare you win this time. Our life has this las motto now. To Defeat You. Come on Guys. We swear upon the one who designed this game- Ludo. You will not win this time. 3… cut him out…Go for it. (on call). Yes mom, a few minutes more. I will be back soon. Dude, you were just gonna cut him out, what happened? the cable got disconnected Hey lets play ludo Everytime ludo,,its morning now and you wanna play ludo Dude be quick …come out…listen to me Let me bath then you go I dont want to bath,,cmon lets play ludo You are such an idiot..leave I cant even sleep listen bro…hey what? listen bro…hey dude let me sleep lets play ludo Are you nuts?? Its 3am now,,,shutup and sleep dude its your turn play Wth are you doing??? Atleast take the dice Its been years still you havnt won again you lost…when will you win?? just need one point to win,,you have always lost and today also you will lose No use but still play