Even his teammate scared eh. Hi guys, welcome to another episode of TSL face off where three regular people like us I think Why you call us regular?
Regular? I think below average la. Why you call yourself below average? One is very insecure, one is super confident. Why below average? Accept it! You are peasant. So, 3 regular people like us will compete against a professional in their field of expertise to see how well we fair. Okay, and that’s why we are here at Singapore Poly to play rugby against the Singapore Poly team. I know it’s a very rough sport. I quite scared I get injured eh.
Yeah. I also scared. But I also quite scared I injure people ah. Without further ado, we are Going to show you the TSL haka. It’s the fiercest haka you will ever see in your life. TSL. Okay, so first station, we are competing against the agility master. My name is Bao Yuan and I am the SP rugby captain. Can you explain to us what are the 3 stations for? So the first one is a ladder course where we will train our agility. The second station is a zigzag run, to train our swerve while running. The last station is a kicking station, where both teams will kick to a certain distance. Oh, if not you have to take the ball back and restart is it? Uh, yeah sure. Why you say that?
Oh sh*t sorry I don’t know! I’m confident in the second part of the ladder course. The first one leh?
The first one? Can la. I don’t mind doing the ladder.
Okay. Can I do this? The… That one.
Then you must kick leh. Can you kick? The main problem here right. is kicking. If you fail, then we take turns. Ok!
Yeah, so we strategise a bit. What was the timing for his? 17.8 seconds. Wa, very hard sia.
Seconds sia, I thought… Not even half a minute. We can do this ah.
Yeah. TSL haka, fierce one, scare them.
Must win the captain. Okay, 3, 2 ,1. TSL. TAKE THE BALL! You still sit down! Go and take the ball! Yes, very good! No. Wa sh*t! KICK IT! Where you going??? Yes, yes, yes! YAY! How is it?
I brought shame to my family. So, what’s our timing? 2 minutes and 9 seconds. Quite…
I already say below average right. It’s triple, quadruple his timing.
Quite respectable. But it’s okay! Captain what! Second station, we will see.
Still got chance, still got chance. Never mind, team spirit. So we lost the first station but it’s okay! We are here at the second station, with of course, the station master. I’m Kieran, I’m manning the strength station because I’m 100kg. You don’t even look like 100kg eh, you lying ah. Uh no, it’s the truth. Can you explain to us how this station works? Uh. okay. Even his teammates scared eh. The 3 of us will push him holding the pad. So, there’s no space.
How to fit sia! Yeah, so it’s either right you go in then the 2 of us push you like a minion. Or I go there right. I don’t hug the pad, I hug him. Then he like a bit embarrassed, then he…
Then that’s when Nic run! Then you *body slam sound*!
Then we win already! Fierce ah. 1, 2, 3, TSL. Is it 10 seconds?
Stop, now is 10 seconds. Ok, stop, you are here. Actually can I just say, I’m of no use eh, in this station. Got!
I wasn’t even pushing. Got la, can feel like some fingertips on my back. My right leg like cramping. Sorry. I think the 1st impact damn strong. He went quite far. Then after that, Zhin like just run. But I must say that like, of course la, we bully him a lot. MVP!
But, I’m still very happy, we won! Okay, so now it’s 1-1. We won one we lost one and we are on to the third stage. And this station is spin passes. Hi, my name is Syafiq and I’m nominated to do this challenge because I can pass well. You not confident in passing, right?
Oi! Dude, did you see our practice session?
How can you say that. Macam I’m on the floor, he always throw to the floor. Am I there? I cannot kick la! You confirm must pass what.
Then I be in the middle lo. I can pass, and catch. Scissors, paper, stone. Okay, so I pass, you catch.
You are the last person. Can we try first, a bit.
Can. Your ending position to my chest level. CHEST LEVEL! Okay, now practice your catching. And my throwing. My throwing sometimes… eh! Why you so far? I cannot so far! I cannot so far! Are you crazy? I cannot! Come closer. Somehow I’m very calm, cos just how easy it looks (when he does it). Somehow I very calm cos I know we not going to win. Don’t like that! TSL cheer. 1, 2, 3, TSL. Faster, higher.
I not very confident. We won.
We won? By like uh, one footstep. We… did you hear that? We won by one footstep. I always thought Xenia quite pro at passing and all that…
No leh! then after that I see he throw like BAM!
Yeah. What I like is that, at the start even though it’s the real thing right, he still coaching Zhin, “You like that, you like that”. Yeah, actually he very nice. Yeah, he very nice.
And he’s just there. Okay, we are winning now, 2-1. And we are on to our last station. Hi, I’m Emanuel, and so we’re going to be doing explosive drill. So, we are going to be using the resistance band. Someone in our team will have to pull him back and someone in our team will also have to run away from him. I think you can hold him back, cos you are like the biggest. I think you can run away from him. How about I just encourage you guys? Ah okay can, that works.
I think it’s better. You can do this, oh my god! C’mon, no, no, no! Oh my god. C’mon Nic, is this all you got? Pull! Okay, stop. Just keep running, just keep… yes, yes! Just crawl, just crawl! So team SP won this round, it’s 2-2. It’s the end! I am so tired. For both of you, it’s your first time. Did your expectations change about the sport? It’s damn tiring because you need to know where to run. So you need to be constantly mentally and physically switched on. I came with the impression that it’s going to be a very violent game, you just attack anyhow, then you fall and get injured. But then today I realised that there’s a system, there are proper rules to ensure the safety of the players. So the 4 challenges right, which do you think like stood out for you the most? Mine is the rubber thing, you know when you have to run then the person holding you back? Yeah, the last station.
That was super important because you know when you get the ball then they were trying to pull your shirt. So there was the part where the explosive running came to be of importance for that particular match for me For me, it was the first station.
Which one? The one where I had to kick. During the practice…
It went so well! It went damn well, like I kicked 2 times then both times clear. But when it came down to the actual thing right, wa cannot perform sia! I think that really encapsulates the spirit of competitive sports. Because you can do something perfect for like 100 times in training right, But on the actual day when there’s a pressure of competition, right? Then that is when it matters la So actually that is the difference I think between professional athletes and regular people like us. They are very generous with their knowledge. It’s like they don’t hesitate to teach you their skills and your form, which I thought was really nice, and they won’t laugh at you when you do something wrong. Instead they will encourage you. They did la, we all laughed at you actually. You all! But they never! Besides rugby, Singapore Poly offers 100 over CCAs for you to choose from So you have to come down to Singapore Poly open house to check it out. More details can be found in the description box below.