It’s finally summer! I want to see who can climb a tree
the highest without getting scared, and ride a roller coaster
with my hands up, and do a cannonball! -Lots to do! Chop-chop!
-You heard the man. Let’s get chopping! Guys, we can’t go. We have to update
all our company files. It’s going to take forever. What? No!
Don’t do that on the first day of summer! -Hmm.
-No way. We’ve been down that road. [sighs] This has been a long time coming.
Sorry, Ginger. Fine! Then I’ll have summer fun
some other way! -[door slams]
-Wow. Ginger gave up easier than usual. Well, the kid knows a lost cause
when he sees one. Oh, cheer up! Today could bring
our company big money! We could find plans for an app we forgot,
or an old receipt, or even phone numbers! Yeah, Ben. This is really exciting. Old paper, old bill, treasure map,
old receipt– -Wait, treasure map?
-[gasp] -Ooh…
-[ker-chink] ♪ Wa-oah ♪ Why was a treasure map
mixed in with your company’s old files? I don’t know why it’s here. These files
were here before we even moved in. Well, you know what they say
about treasure maps. “Where there’s treasure maps,
there’s treasure!” Hmm. Hm. Mm-hm. -[honk]
-Oh, no you don’t! You’re not postponing
our company organization day! Look, we’re only going through
all these files to get money. Well, let’s just find a big pile of it
buried in the ground somewhere, right? Wait! You’re not trying to take the map
for yourself, are you? No! I’m just saying we don’t even know
if the map is real! But if you did have a treasure adventure,
you’d include me of course, right? Yeah, I’d better keep you close –
so I can keep my eyes on you. -Oh, really?
-Hey! Hm. The treasure is already
making you paranoid. No one cheat me out of my share! [all murmur] Sorry, I dropped one of my floaties– -Um.
-Is that a treasure map? Uh… You kicked me out of here to do work when really you were all going
on a treasure quest! -Uh, Ben?
-Fine. We’ll all go. -Yay!
-Okay everybody. Let’s do this. -[all murmur]
-[Hank] My treasure. I’d say the map is telling us
to check the top of this tree. -That was easy.
-Let’s get up there! -Yay!
-Remember to tell us what you see! Don’t keep it all to yourself! You know what?
I’d better go with him just– Hey! I wonder if one of us should’ve
stayed down there as a lookout. -Look out for what?
-[Darren] Aloha! -Ah? Darren?
-Well, now! I don’t usually see this on my daily
brisk-walk. What are you up to? Pff. Nothing! But you’re acting so suspicious. I’m understandably intrigued. Uh, you can’t climb a tree
and act suspicious, right guys? -Uh, I mean…
-[suspicious laughter] Fine. Enjoy doing whatever people do when they don’t have
an indoor SCUBA tank at home. -Phew. We have to be more careful.
-[Ginger] Aaaaah! I knew I’d be the fastest climber!
And I found this! [Hank] Whoa!
A second part of the treasure map! That’s exciting. And disappointing. Uncle! Guess which one of your enemies
found a treasure map! No, not him. No. That’s not even a person. Yes!! [sign creaks] Okay, we’re here, but what’s this
supposed to be? A shoelace? I don’t know,
but abandoned carnivals sure are creepy. It’s not abandoned.
It’s just closed on Mondays. It’s abandoned for the day. Ooh! Riches of a different sort. Hey, what’s everyone going to do
with their share of the treasure? Good question.
Do you go boat, or helicopter? I think a better use would be
for extra server space. Nya! Yah-ha! Come back! We trusted you! -[ding]
-Aaaah! I got ya! -[ding]
– Aaaaah! [ding] [all] No, no, nooo! [ding] That does it, Ginger!
You are out of the treasure hunt! No! Stop fighting me and look! [Hank] Ooh! Up there! There’s another map! It’s hanging with those festive
and decorative pennants. I don’t see an easy way up. Hey, Ben, can you operate that thing? Don’t be silly. Of course I can do it. [crunch] [crunch, crunch] -[all cheer]
-All aboard. [all] Whoa! Wa-ho-hoa! Whoa! Go again! [all] Woooo! Again! Yeah! Yeah! We did it! We sure did, buddy! Now let’s go
crack this mystery together. -[groaning]
-We can do it! Why don’t we just take the map? Because it’s better to let them
find the treasure and then take it! What good is tearing somebody’s dream away
if you can’t see the look on their faces? He-he! Good business lesson! Now hurry! To the vehicle! [adventure theme] Ninety-eight… ninety-nine… One hundred! One hundred and one! That’s exactly how many steps
the map says. This should be the place. -Keep your eyes open for treasure.
-I bet it’s gonna be super well-hidden. Look at these pinecones stacked
next to that tree that happens to have a hole that’s the
right size to throw a pinecone through. Coincidence? There’s no such thing. Yes! [owl hoots] Oh, no. So this is why more people don’t grow up
to be treasure finders. -It’s not worth the heartache.
-[deep rumble] -Wow!
-[all cheer] Wa-hay! Ooh! We did it! We’re all rich! -[Darren] Aloooooooha!
-Oh, no! A forest spirit
guarding its cursed riches! Well, that doesn’t sound like
a forest spirit. That sounds like– -Darren! And me, the CEO.
-What? What? Come on!
You can’t take our treasure! You say that, but I have
a top-of-the-line Mega Grabber. -No, no, no, you can’t do this to us!
-You lose again, losey losers! [evil laugh] Wait, we don’t need to do this! -What?
-Get off my luxury balloon! [evil laugh] [“Blue Danube” playing] Guys, no! This is danger!
You’re endangering a little boy! Uh! We can’t give up now!
We’ve come too far! And too high. -But the treasure isn’t even real!
-What? I wanted to have fun with you all. So I stuck a fake map in your papers
when you were not looking. But there were clues all over town! Yep! In all the best summer places. How could you do this to us? I just wanted everyone to have fun!
Wasn’t today fun? Well… I guess it was fun. Yeah. -I liked the roller coaster part.
-This balloon part is kind of neat. Plus we get to skip another
company organization day! Darren, do something! Why are you here
if you’re not doing something? [giggles] I have an idea! -Ah! I’m slipping!
-[Angela] Help, Tom! -Everyone let go on the count of three.
-What? No! -You have to trust me!
-Okay. One… two… three! Ahhhhhh! [evil laughs] Waaa… Waa… What now, Ben? Do you have
some cool science thing planned? Not exactly!
I have a cool geography thing planned! We’ve drifted over Ginger’s house! [gulp] Ah! [Ginger] Cannonball! [all laughing] Well, this was a summer kick-off
for the record books. But wait, if none of this was real,
what was inside the treasure chest? Oh, that? Just my bug collection. -Ha-ha.
-We did it! -We’re even richer than before, Uncle.
-Ha! -[buzzing]
-This treasure’s made of bees? [CEO] I’m too wealthy for this! Ow! -Oh!
-[Darren screams]