If you want to perform
on the gridiron, you’ll need to practice. So you might want a little help. Train smarter with the
PassBack, a football training aid that improves throwing
and catching skills. The PassBack is a composite
material practice ball specifically designed to rebound
when thrown against a wall. The PassBack helps
quarterbacks improve throwing strength
and coordination. And receivers can
develop by practicing a large number of catches
in a short amount of time. Or team up, and
practice coming out of a route with quick
reaction drills. Or just have fun with it. While it’s an excellent
practice tool, the PassBack training
football only develops throwing
and catching skills. So to improve those
spontaneous victory dances, you’ll need to order TD
Celebration Bootcamp. All right. Now, turn it around and
shake that end zone. The PassBack is available in
junior and official sizes. Improve your game with the
PassBack training football. Buy it now at vat19.com. (SINGING) Vat19.com. 15-yard yard penalty for
unnecessary sexiness.