[O’Canada national anthem] [The Lumineers
– Stubborn Love] and now hyman has it back for toronto to Reilly Morgan Reilly gains
center ice and rings that around it bounces right in front for matthews loose SCORES auston
matthews gives toronto the lead and over the summer the expectations go up a little bit
more when it comes to next regular season and the leafs only have themselves to blame
for that they have i think stunned this city from where they were in training camp and
get to the post season they had their blips along the road the couldnt draw ottawa in
the first round and they won the last game of the regular season instead they get the
best team in the national hockey league and they exchange punches all the way Dishes off
on the far side for Bozak centering pass SCORES SCORES TYLER
BOZAK HOLY MACKINAW the leafs have won it Guess what auston matthews is a leaf william
nylander is a leaf mitch marner is a leaf the leafs are the leafs About to find out
where were at and where our players are at and until youve been through the playoffs
with players you dont really know the level of a player you have and so you learn a lot
about your team and you know im really proud of our guys i think from where we were and
for the expectations coming in Lots of memories but my favorite call hasnt been made yet