as many other sports volleyball is for dramatic matches unbelievable comebacks and surprising results we took top five most shocking results in volleyball number five cause bass 2019 just few days ago the volleyball world was stunned by what happened in the Russian Superleague who has neat Kazan lost the final against cause bass came over after winning the title every single season for the last five years it wasn’t to defeat by a slight margin it was almost a landslide victory for the team from Kemerovo they beat the Knicks two times in Kazan three nil and 3:1 and then closed the series 3-1 in the fourth match at home it is not a surprise that Thomas Somerville the head coach of coach bus is already also the new head coach of the Russian national team number four Slovenia 2015 the Slovenian team led by the head coach Andrea Johnny was the greatest surprise of European Championship 2015 going into the final for the very first time Slovenia lost against Poland in the group stage but beaten in the quarter-final three sets to two and repeated the success against Italy in the semi-final but this time three sets to one after a fantastic performance by Tina Kennard clemency board and meter Gasperini however their fairy tale ended in the final where they were defeated by friends although the second and the third set were totally even still good job Slovenia number three Russia 2012 12 of August 2012 Brazil was leading Russia 20 to 19 in the third set meet with Misaki made an error it seemed to be fall over but it wasn’t seconds after that Russia started one of the most majestic camp acts in the history of sport winning the final trip to including a 1:08 tyreq 15 to 9 but what was even more impressive was the fact that the end result became possible only due to the Krays decision of vladimir ilyich nor after the second set to bring on me Tony molesky as an opposite and Maxim McAuliffe is an outside hitter pretty amazing huh let me ax you are pure genius number two German Democratic Republic 1970 2nd of October 1970 the area was leading the German Democratic Republic 13:5 in tiebreaker the final on home soil in Sofia it should be measured that back in time they’re also different and according to this system points could have been scored only by the team that was serving the ball if a team that was not serving the ball on a rally they caught the ball to serve at which point they were able to score a point if winning the next rally even though the fans were preparing to celebrate the title of the host team but it wasn’t to be the Germans made impossible possible and turn 1513 the area still hasn’t won a title by now number one Spain 2007 European Championships 2007 arguably brought us the biggest overall shock in the history of volleyball Spain is famous in the world of sports with their successes in football basketball but in volleyball not really caught by the Italian master Andre Anastasi the Spanish heroes Miguel and Guillermo Falasca Israel Rigas Rafa Pasquale Jose we smoked to war against France Netherlands Germany Serbia and Finland and beat the massive favourite Russia in a stunning tie break in the final in Moscow the total disappointment in the voice of the Russian commentator could be easily perceived [Applause] gracias amigos for this amazing adventure if you like this type of videos write in the comment section and of course do not forget to subscribe to the channel