Hey guys! Today I’ll show you five different shooting techniques. Curve, outside curve, top spin, knuckleball and… which one did I miss? the driven shot. Most of you probably know these techniques, but I try to give some tips for each technique. Driven shot This is the mother of all shooting techniques. This is probably the first technique people are taught when they start playing. I’d also teach this first, because you can use this in so many different situations on the pitch. You can also use this for crossing and passing on the ground. I suggest everyone to master this technique first. If I remember right, when I started playing, we were taught to shoot like this. The standing foot there and the kicking foot goes straight like this. You won’t see any player kick like that You straighten your ankle and hit the ball with the top of your foot. This technique is called “chest kick” in Finnish. What a weird language. Some of you might not have laces, but try to hit the ball with the bottom of your laces. Little bit under the middle of the ball. Of course depending on how high you want the ball to go. That’s good enough. On to the next one. Give this video a thumbs up, if you want to see a tutorial of every technique on this video. Top spin I haven’t been using this technique almost at all. Don’t know why. Soon we’ll see how I can do it. One player to watch to learn the top spin is Gareth Gareth Bale. Watch some slow motion videos of him shooting a free kick. The ball goes nicely over the wall. I put my own “wall” there. I’ll just try to make the ball dip over it, because not even Bale usually hits the top bins. The technique is actually very much like knuckleball, but the follow through goes a little higher to the front. I suggest you to watch how Bale does it. I’m not that good at this yet, so I can’t get many good shots in a row. I try to get one nice shot and we can go to the next technique. The tutorial comes when I learn this properly. Right after saying that, I got an okay shot. I’ve shot maybe 20 balls, and right after I started to let my foot go a little higher after the contact it got a lot better. It doesn’t feel natural yet though. The follow through is the key how to get a nice top spin. I’ve learned so many techniques and skills that one top spin won’t be a problem. This is the official YouTube technique. C.Ronaldo inspired me to learn this, but nowadays his shots are… well. I won’t say anything. These days I’d suggest you to watch how Rashford does it. He’s been shooting great knuckleballs lately. Like Ronaldo back in the days. If I had to choose the most fun technique, it’d be this, but if you have a bad day, this is the worst thing you can imagine. Curve All of you should know this technique. If I was shooting a free kick from here in a match, I’d most likely use curve. For me, this is the safest technique. Couple of years ago I changed my technique a bit. My follow through used to be really short. My foot went over the other leg like this. I watched how pros shoot, and many of themwho get a nice dip on the ball let their kicking foot go pretty high and then they bring the foot back like this. There’s so many techniques and I’m not saying they’re wrong, but I’ve been using this for a long time now. Outside curve The last, but definitely not the easiest is the outside curve. I’ve been training this some times in the last months, but not in a while now. This isn’t the legendary trivela, where you purely hit the ball with the outside of your foot. You’re supposed to shoot this with the top of your foot. The follow through should be really aggressive, because that’s what makes the ball spin. You know the legendary shot Roberto Carlos did back in the days. It’s a good target to learn this that well, but I can tell you, it’s not easy. I’m feeling just like after Chinese buffet. Getting all kinds of stuff in and it’s starting to hurt. A few more shots. Filmed earlier. Hit the like button and I’ll make a tutorial of these five techniques. Thanks for watching guys, see you next time!