Hello and welcome to a new video on weplayhandball.de! Today the top 5 for backcourt left / backcourt right / half attackers and that’s them – our shoes for the 2019/20 season. We have selected the shoes again which fits the requirements of the position best. What do you need? A lot of stability in duels, but also agility when changing direction. That means the balance between stability and flexibility but also damping and direct feedback must be optimal for this position. Let’s start here with the Crazyflight X 3 from Adidas. Last year we already had it in the mid-cut variation as a top shoe in the round. We really like the flatter variation better this year. It’s even more flexible with the Upper material. Otherwise, the boost damping and sole have remained the same – top shoe. Then we have the Wave Stealth V at the front. Last year we already had a different colour in the round. But it has to be said that even the new models of the competition can’t completely get past this shoe. That’s why he still made it into the top 5 for left backcourt / right backcourt. Then we have a new addition – the Sky Elite FF. The new top model from Asics. FlyteFoam damping, so the new damping material goes through the whole shoe, top Upper material, good quality workmanship, very light and yet stabile, grandiose damping with the damping foam and therefore rightly here in the Top 5. Here in front also a new addition
– the new Explode 1 from Puma. What they have done here is to install a damping system – this Hybrid system, what you can see here. What on the one hand gives back explosivity over these beads in the form of the recoil energy over your foot and on the other hand a top damping over their Ignite system, therefore also the name Hybrid. And we also have a classic here – the Stabil X from Adidas. The new model has become even more flexible. It is already relatively stiff and heavy, but it has to be said that this Upper material, this fabric at the front, makes it more comfortable to wear and makes it look less clumsy. But important for the whole thing is the balance between stability and agility and that’s why it’s relatively clear to us that Asics has managed to surprise us with a model number 1. The Sky Elite FF in the new version in blue. Why has it become so? I don’t think any other boot has such a good balance between weight and flexibility. The stability over this Heel-Cage here outside just in the heel area is top. The Upper material is flexible, breathable, adapts beautifully and is very light. The damping is outstanding. The FlyteFoam material is not only punctual, like the gel sole in former times, but throughout the whole shoe a very good damping, so that you also get enough feedback in the forefoot and especially in the heel has enough damping. The stability is optimal and inwards the flexibility for directional changes. That’s why this year we are clearly number 1 for the backcourt right and backcourt left: The Sky Elite FF from Asics. If you have any questions, please let us know. If you have suggestions, wishes or criticism, also on weplayhandball.de, on our Facebook page, on Instagram and of course here in the Youtube channel.