Kane Richardson missing stumps from very close distance. It was a very funny moment in Australian domestic cricket. Micheal Clarke and Shane Watson messing up a runout against Sri Lanka. It was really funny to see a world class team doing this kind of thing It was a misunderstanding between Tendulkar and Anil Kumble. But Bangladesh team gifted us one of the funniest incident cricket history. CSK missing a runout and made a fun out of it. It was a great chance from a mis fielding but they created one of the funniest moments of IPL history. Azhar Ali of Pakistan thought that ball has reached the boundary. But that didn’t happen, so when keeper collected the ball he was at the middle of the pitch. It was really horrible scenario. One of the funniest moments of recent times. Ronnie Irani of England was waving with the crowd. He was at the boundary and stretching, the crowd started to follow him with stretching. And he ended the situation in a funny note. Kumar Sangakara made fun out of Shehzad. He dodged shehzad while keeping and shehzad didn’t understand, it was really funny to see. Navedul Hasan Rana fumbled twice while fielding in the deep fine leg area. It was very humiliating for him but provided us great Syed Ajmal didn’t attempt for the catch. He and Shoib Malik was misunderstood each other which resulted in a very funny situation. Inzamamul Huq getting hit wicket against England. It was one funniest out in history of world cricket.