Previously on Peter Screws the Pooch… …I tell you to stay away from this. Instead, you hacked
a multimillion-dollar suit… …so you could sneak around
behind my back… …doing the one thing I told you not to do. Is everyone okay? No thanks to you. No thanks to me? Those weapons were out there,
and I tried to tell you about it… …but you didn’t listen. None of this would’ve happened
if you had just listened to me. If you even cared, you’d actually be here. I did listen, kid.
Who do you think called the FBI, huh? Do you know I was the only one
who believed in you? Everyone else said I was crazy
to recruit a 14-year-old kid. – I’m 15.
– No, this is where you zip it, all right? The adult is talking.
What if somebody had died tonight? Different story, right?
Because that’s on you. And if you died… …I feel like that’s on me. – I don’t need that on my conscience.
– Yes, sir. – I’m sorry. I understand.
– Sorry doesn’t cut it. I just wanted to be like you. And I wanted you to be better. It’s not working out.
I’m gonna need the suit back. – For how long?
– Forever. – Yeah, that’s how it works.
– No, no. Please. – Let’s have it.
– Please, this is all I have. I’m nothing without this suit. If you’re nothing without this suit,
then you shouldn’t have it. Okay? God, I sound like my dad. I don’t have any other clothes. Okay, we’ll sort that out. Hey. I’ve been calling you all day.
You didn’t answer your phone. You can’t do that. Then this ferry thing happens. I’ve called five police stations. Five. I called five of your friends.
I called Ned’s mother. I’m fine. May, I’m okay.
Honestly, just relax. I’m fine. Cut the bullshit. I know you left detention. I know you left the hotel room in Washington. I know you sneak out
of this house every night. That’s not fine. Peter, you have to tell me
what’s going on. Just lay it out. It’s just me and you. I lost the Stark internship. – What?
– Yeah. What happened? I just thought that I could work really hard
and he could… He would… You know. But I screwed it up. It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s okay. I’m sorry I made you worry. I’m not trying to ruin your life. Yeah, I know. Just… – I used to sneak out too.
– Yeah. And take a shower. You smell. You smell like garbage. I know. Peter, you’re a good kid
and you’re a smart kid… …so just try to keep
your head straight, okay? Okay. All right, get out of here. Are you expelled? Do you have to go to that high school
where the principal has a crossbow? Pretty sure that’s an urban myth,
and, no, I’m not expelled. You’re so lucky.