This Barangay Chairman Scored 98 Points In A Legendary Basketball Game Believe it or not, someone just scored more points than Daniel Padilla (55), Kobe Bryant (82), and LaMelo Ball (92) in a local basketball game. Granted that Mac Santos was playing in a recreational league like Next5Hoops, falling two points short of Wilt Chamberlains NBA single-game scoring record isnt too shabby, especially when you realize that his Kings of the Court counterpart Herbert Vergara only dropped 77. Obviously, he was named Best Player of the Game after his team, Warfit Angelis Resort, demolished the opposition, 136-71. While majority of netizens were amazed by the incredible feat, some criticized Santos for being a ballhog, even poking fun at his lone assist and size, and were disappointed after he failed to make history with one more basket. Still, others defended him for riding his hot hand and grabbing the opportunity to rewrite the record books.