– It’s been called the greatest
rivalry in all of sports. Two of the most legendary
teams in college football, Ohio State and Michigan,
known simply as, The Game. (intense music) Welcome to College Game
Day, I’m Dandy Dip, with me as always is Chuck Puber. Chuck, what can we expect
to see this afternoon? – Dandy, I’ll be honest
with you, I clicked a link last night, and ended up
spending about five hours reading articles on how bad
football is for the body. I tried to get out of doing the show today based on my moral revulsion,
but the producers said I had to come in. – Well we see all that,
but what can we expect to see from the game? That’s what our viewers want to know. – Brutality Dandy, what else? These boys, so, so
young, don’t yet realize the terrible toll this game
will take on their minds, their bodies, and their futures. – Well, that’s a bit of an
overstatement there Chuck– – Is it? – We all– – I don’t think so. – We all acknowledge that
college football is a rough sport, but it’s one
with a proud history– – Says you. – Yeah sure, Ohio State
and Michigan have played each other for over 100 years. – We’ve been doing all
sorts of horrible things for more than 100 years. American history is a
labyrinth of nightmares– – Not a fair parallel– – I wanna show you a piece of footage. This is a clip from the
movie “Concussion”– – Chuck we certainly don’t have the rights to show that at all– – I don’t care! Movie blows this whole thing wide open, did people just not see this? Will Smith was in it! – Hey, let’s move on,
thank you very much Chuck. For a look at the starting
match ups, here’s Mike Bike. Mike, will the Wolverines be able to overcome Dwayne Haskins’
passing game, what do you think? – Dandy, Chuck emailed
me an article about brain injuries of dead football players, and … – Sure did. – I can’t seem to think
about anything else. – We don’t need to, Mike– – Take a look at this. When a football player
makes a headfirst hit, his brain, suspended
in fluid, keeps moving until it makes impact with the skull. Football turns a boy’s
own bones, into weapons. – If we just get back– – Mike I got a question
for you, can you believe how young these boys are? – I know Chuck. – They look like men, but
they’re really just boys. – Heartbreaking. – These athletes chose to
play football, this is a game! They enjoy playing this game,
no one forced them into it. – I believe it was Anatole
France who once said that, “The law and it’s
majestic equality forbids “the rich and poor alike
from sleeping under “bridges, stealing loaves
of bread and begging in “the streets,” his point
there being that choice is part of a social construct. Social pressure can be subtle, but it is in fact, impossibly strong. – God that must have been
one hell of a Wikipedia hole you went down so– – I’m awake and I’m not
going back to sleep. – And is the choice between abject poverty and bodily harm, really any choice at all? – Okay, you know, look at the
coaching strategy for today, let’s go down to the
field, talk to Gina Jeans, Gina, how do things look in the shoe? – Dandy, this is a beautiful stadium, and was recently renovated
to fit 105,000 fans. – God, what a beaut, right? – Think of all the ways
a school, a school! Could’ve used that money. – Gina, did Chuck email you?
– Chuck email me? Yes he did. – Well, we wanna go back
to talking to the coaches– – Absolutely! Ohio State’s coach Urban Meyer is paid over 6 million dollars a year! His opponent today, Jim
Harbaugh, is paid nine million. Picture that the next
time you see students who can’t afford textbooks. Also, Urban knew, he knew the whole time. – Folks, I’m just gonna go ahead and say we need to get this back on track. We’re here to talk about the game. – Gina, in Matthew 19:24,
we are told by Christ that it is easier for
a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Given that, do you think these two coaches are gonna get sucked straight
into Hell when they die? Or is it more likely,
given all the injustice in the world, that there is no God? – We could talk about this
some other time Chuck– – Better question, how
are they handling the fact that those boys are getting
paid what, exactly, Gina? – They don’t see a penny, Chuck. – They make nothing, insanity! – We’ll talk about this on
a very special episode– – The owning class in this country, only profits at the expense
of the working class. – Look, everyone, this is a fun, this is a fun rivalry, right? College football … Okay, yes Chuck, college
football isn’t perfect, right? But it’s a good 100%
all-American tradition. – Absolutely, Dandy. Wealthy people profiting
off the physical misery of mostly minorities, what could be more all-American than that? – Why do you have such a problem staring into the demons that
have plagued this country– – I like it, okay? I like football! It’s mine, and I like
it, and I’m not about to just give it up because … What, what did you, did
you write CTE on my face? What is that? – You bet I did, Dandy. It’s the brain disease that almost every dead football player has. It literally drives them insane. – Okay.
– Horrifying. – No, you know what, I think it’s time, we, we’re gonna go to commercial here. So, we’ll be right back with an evening preview of Penn State. – Penn State, oh, talk about boys–