[HOCKEY GAME noise…] March 22nd to the 24th, AMI-audio is
broadcasting LIVE from the 2019 Canadian National Blind Hockey tournament in
Toronto. We caught up with the Toronto Ice Owls at one of their recent
practices. My name is Wayne St. Denis — I’m the
Manager & a player with the Toronto Ice Owls blind hockey team, and we’re here today
to play blind hockey. This is the last game of the season for the Toronto Ice Owls.
Blind Hockey is very important to these players because it gives them a chance
to get together as peers, play sports, and it’s just building a community of
great people. A lot of us are all friends off the ice too, so, it’s just a lot of
fun. Well, the Toronto Ice Owls are looking forward to the 2019 Canadian
National Blind Hockey tournament, next Friday, March 22nd to 24th. It’s players
from all across Canada and the USA, and it’s several divisions in the tournament;
it’s gonna be a great tournament; a lot of great hockey, and I hope you can come out and
watch it. Well, blind hockey is pretty much the same as sighted hockey, but, everybody on
the ice that you see has a vision impairment. The only two differences you’ll
see, is our puck is five times bigger than a normal puck. It makes noise
so it’s easier for the players to track the puck and follow the puck,
because our goalies are totally blind; and our nets…instead of
being four feet by six feet, they are three high by six feet
wide, and that gives the goalie a fair advantage when they play net, because
all the goalies are totally blind. There’s a lot of skill sets and different varieties
in vision loss, but when everybody’s on the ice, everybody just puts that aside and plays the game we love…blind hockey! So yeah, come out and come to the
Mattamy Centre on Carlton Street, and come and watch our tournament, March
22nd to the 24th. It’s also on the Canadian Blind Hockey YouTube channel. And go to
AMI.ca…if you go to their site, you’ll see where is says, “Listen Live”, and you can click
on that during the games and you’ll be able to listen to all the games. And we welcome
everybody to come and participate, and be a part of this great sport. [HOCKEY GAME noise…CHEERING…]