– [Narrator] Last week on The Season. – I’m going to holla at the kids at the Boys and Girls Club today. What up? – Oh, come here, you need some help? Come on, come on. – Hey, y’all should have called a travel. Y’all can’t count. Let’s do math first, it’s easier. – I’m at the four year career here, got a chance to go to the NFL. I’m drafted, actually had a
chance to start my rookie year. – Knowing he’s been there, you gonna pay attention
and list to him more, simply cause he did it on his level and he did it on this level. – He just has so much experience that maybe if you do your work, I’ll give you a little bit of what I did when I played for the Bengals. – [Male] It’s important
for me to make sure that my experiences are an integral part of their growth here. – [Announcer] Pushes left in the pocket, fires deep over the middle,
that’s up for grabs, and Cedric Woods is gonna
pick it off for Ole Miss. – There you go! Go score, go score, go score! – [Announcer] He’s grabbed
from behind and slung down just shy of midfield. He brought it almost back
to the line of scrimmage. – Let’s go! That’s what I’m talking about! (intense music) – [Narrator] While the career
of every collegiate athlete inevitably ends, they don’t always finish
the way they want them to. Senior quarterback Chad
Kelly’s time in football is far from over, but his days as a Rebel were cut short by injury. – [Male] Chad came here
wanting to rewrite his story. I have witnessed him do
that to a large extent. It’s not the ending we wanted, it’s not the last chapter
that we wanted to write, but life has a way of doing that. I think he’ll be remembered
as one of the best competitors that ever played here. I mean, he is a quarterback
that helped lead us back to the Sugar Bowl since
Archie had been there. I don’t think the Ole Miss people, they will remember that
for a long, long time, and he’ll be etched in
the memory of everybody that followed our program as one of the greatest competitors to play that position here. It’s very disappointing to see seniors end their career like that. Injuries have not been
kind to us this year, and that’s heartbreaking in a lot of ways. But it will create
opportunities for someone else, and we’ll get ready to go
for A&M Saturday night. – [Narrator] Next, on The Season. – I mean, it was a great feeling, just, my first play in
there, first interception. – The ball comes to him, I think, oh, man, if he can do that every
snap we’re gonna win every single game. – After the Alabama game when he went out, We, took us four weeks to
kinda figure things out. – [Narrator] Nashville, Tennessee
also knows as music city, has seen plenty of
stars roll through town. On one September night in
2013, on his first play from scrimmage, another
headliner took center stage. – [Announcer] They only bring
three, throws it underneath to Chris Cantera and they’re claiming that’s a turnover and indeed it is. That was Tony Conner
coming up with the ball and watch him come in here and just rip this away from Chris Cantera. – [Male] I was sitting at
home and I was watching it you know, watching these
freshman, you know him, Lequan and Lammy out there
playing and you know Robert, you know, and I see this
guy from Mississippi, you know, Tony Conner. I’m like okay, hey, he got
a pick, okay that’s big time right there. You know, playing as a true
freshman in the first game. – [Dave Wommack] Being, you
know the first time in the game and the ball comes to
him and I think, oh man, if he can do that every snap we’re gonna win every single game. – [Announcer] I can’t say
enough about this Tony Conner. He finds the ball, he always
puts himself in good position. The kid’s a joy to watch, I mean, there were a lot of teams around him. Everybody wanted this guy, there were some SEC teams
that wanted to make him the center piece of their recruiting class and Hugh Freeze got him at Ole Miss and it’s easy to see why. – I mean it was a great feeling, just my first play in there
and first intersection. I mean it was just a wonderful feeling. – [Issac Gross] It feels
so good to play with him, you know and cause like when
we were back in highschool, it was always said that you
know, where ever I go, you come. Like, we always said that we
didn’t ever wanna split up. – You know, I grew up playing
against him in highschool, played against him in
the state championship whenever I was a senior
and he was a senior. He was all over the field then,
he’s all over the field now. – Y’all haven’t seen him run like, actually run down the sidelines. So, that being said, you know Tony Conner is a great athlete. – You know, he’s one of those guys that you know who the
alpha dog is out there too and when he’s back there you know it’s him so I think it’s cause
he’s so humble and quiet you don’t really know he’s back there. – Some guys are made that way, umm, he is more quieter and he is more of a
I’ll-show-you-I-don’t-have-to-tell-you. – [Dave Wommack] He’s not a big ego guy, he just wants the team to be successful and be part of a winner. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] And that was batted down, that’s just a good effort
play that time by Tony Conner. – [Announcer] This kid might
have the best instincts of any young defender that
I’ve seen, maybe ever. This kid is rare, he’ll
be here three years cause he’s got it. – [Narrator] Destined for
a break-out junior year, Tony Conner would have his
patience and mental fortitude tested as an injury against Alabama would threaten his 2015 season. – [Tony Conner] I was on Hixon
play and he came top to right also at my right knee and
I mean, I felt it popped in and I knew it was hurting really bad. I mean, I still, I laid there, I got up, I still managed to get up
and I didn’t wanna go out, I stayed in next play and I seen that I just couldn’t really go 100% and I remember like
Coach Batoon always told us like if you can’t just really
go 100%, just let him know. He’s got guys on the sideline
willing to get in and go 100%. – He had a meniscus tear as
well as a chondral defect okay where his bone was chipped away. We initially got the
MRI back and we looked and saw how bad the injury was and we kinda put our heads together and said hey do we give
him a little scope now, get him through the season, or do we just go ahead and
do the big surgery now? He wanted to try to do the scope you know, during the season, finish his season and then get the major,
you know, operation after. – It was obvious last year, I
mean, after the Alabama game when he went out, it took us four weeks to kinda figure things out. Umm, he was such a void for us. – [Dave Wommack] That’s probably
one of the most important parts of our defense that husky position because this is a guy that has to have the ability to tackle, be one of best best tacklers. He has to be able to blitz
and pressure the quarterback and then he has to be able to go out and play some man to man. So we lost thousands of reps
when you add them all together when you lose him cause
um, you’re always trying to get the best eleven on
the field and I think it did. I think it took us several
weeks to get caught back up losing him in that position. – [Tony Conner] I just liked
for the shoot and ball game and I went and had my surgery before so while I have more time
to recover and everything just so I can be back
out there with my bros. Chasing greatness baby. (upbeat music) – Well Tony, he’s always
been a hard worker so I knew the work part wasn’t
gonna be a process for him. I mean, he’ll do whatever you tell him. – [Akeem Judd] You might end up saying, I don’t know, if I can do it, I don’t know if my
leg’s gonna be the same, I don’t know how I’m gonna play cause you’ve been so away
from the game for so long. I think he’s gonna lose the bet way on me, he’s been rehabing,
he’s been getting right, he’s been ready, you know
you can see it in his eyes when you talk to him about
football, he’s just ready. – It goes back to his
personality that he’s fixed on what he needs to do and
he’s gonna get it done. – I just met with Coach Wommack
and I was just telling him that I’ve been out for quite a long time and I cant wait to just
get back on the field and just be out there with my bros. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] The toss
is to Kamryn Pettway, who’s worked his way
into the starting lineup, and Tony Conner makes the stop. – [Male] Let’s go three.
Keep showing up three. Hey G, hey every snap man, show out alright? Show up on Finn Hey you, I already know Grid.
Hey Anticity, hands and feet. Put somebody on their back, lets go. – [Narrator] Coming into
week 10, the Old Miss Rebels were searching having lost all American, Chad Kelly and Captain John
Youngblood seven days prior, tonight’s roster would
not only be thinner, but younger creating the need
for last minute reminders. – Dip there just take their right hand and shake them around the hump. – Alright. – Shay gonna step up in that pocket. – [Narrator] The Shay he’s referring to is 19 year-old Shay Patterson. The true freshman signal
caller freshly removed from a red shirt would be
called out of the shadow of Chad Kelly and thrust
into the lime-light of one of the biggest
stages in college football. – If there’s a chance to
get my hands on that ball, I gotta make a play, period. Alright? We gotta help this
young cat early alright? To get his little feet
wet, we gotta help him out so we gotta show up, everything counts. – [Hugh Freeze] We got 60 minutes to play. Every minute has 60 seconds in it. You make sure that the
seconds that you have tonight, you make count. Make them count for a national stage, he wants to see what them
Rebels gonna do tonight. They gonna keep fighting,
they gonna keep fighting, they gonna keep fighting. Make sure you fight with those
60 seconds of every minute. (upbeat music) – Go, go, go, go. – Hey, let’s play. – That’s right. Oh ya. – Pray to the man upstairs and
watch how we get this game. Pray to the man upstairs and
watch how we take this game. – I’m feeling a little excitement. – [Woman] Hugh Freeze told
me on the field pre-game that he made his mind up on Sunday that he would be tossing
Shay Paterson’s red shirt. Now of course, that
decision had to be made with consultation with Shay and his family but this decision didn’t need to be made by one individual’s emotions rather a decision for
the best of the team. – [Announcer] Shay Patterson
red shirt is gone on this snap. He’s ready to go, and
there it is a little high. Shay, runs to his right,
takes off running down the middle of the field,
he’s little 35, to the 40, slides down around the 42 yard line. How about Shay Paterson. – [Announcer] And waiting
for the snap, there it is, it’s high, Patterson
drops it, picks it up, tries to run right, he’s in trouble and down they say at the 30. – You’re state, your state,
don’t worry about it, he’s good on the field. – Shay had to just get his
feet wet and get comfortable. I know it’s probably pretty tough at first going out there in front
of that many people. – [Hugh Freeze] To think
he’s gonna go in there and all of a sudden know
everything that’s in our playbook and make every decision right,
set every protection right, and perform flawlessly in that environment would be a crazy expectation. I really just wanted him to go have fun and compete. – Alright we got it outta our
system, and let’s calm down and let’s get up. – [Narrator] While the
Rebel offense was struggling to get in-sync, the
Aggies felt right at home and were working in unison. – [Announcer] Iheanacho to
Hubenak throws out middle man wide open nobody there,
to the 30, to the 25, to the 20 as Kirk…
that was busted big time, wide open in the middle was Kirk. – [Announcer] Comes back the right side, dives endzone, touchdown, Aggies. – [Announcer] And the
Aggies are on top that quick – [Announcer] They’re gonna
throw. He’s gonna go deep. Caught. Defender falls down. Then Renolds stepped out of bounds. – [Announcer] Handed
off, and into the endzone goes Keith Ford and so
just one play later, the Aggies get the 2… – It ain’t what they’re doing, huh, sitting there is what we’re
doing. We’ve busted two cones. – [Announcer] Third down and
go from the one yard line. Play action, pass the endzone, wide open. Well they just came in motion across the back of the lineman. Stopped, angled in the middle and there was not a
Rebel within the 10 yards of Speedy Noil, he gets the touchdown. – [Hugh Freeze] It is
going to be a first fight but you’re right in it and
we haven’t played great yet. – Nope. – So man go out and earn it, don’t want anything given to you, don’t feel sorry for yourself man. Somebody be the best encourager
that you’ve ever been this half to your football team. Forget the first half, learn
from it, make the corrections, and go out and get it done this half. It’s not gonna be easy on
the road so go fight for it. Go take it! Go earn it. Let’s go. – [Narrator] The second half
would be about adjustments and they would start on the
defensive side of the ball. – [Announcer] Swing it and nothing doing. Read beautifully by the defense that time. A.J Moore did the job. – [Announcer] There’s
a snap on third down, quarterback fakes it, wants to run, comes to the nearest side,
hit it, knocked off his feet at the 23. Great open field
tackle by Jaylon Jones and Jaylon keeps the Aggies
from getting the first down and will force the punt. – We came back out second
half, communicated better, held each other accountable,
and we got the job done. – It was so fun to see the
excitement though and the energy on the defensive guys, um it was so good to see that and the energy just kept growing
as the second half went on and thought they played, by far, their best half of football this year. – [Announcer] Hubenak’s hit, sat. – [Announcer] From the 15
yard line, back to throw, they’re gonna run a screen,
near-side, caught and tackled at the 10 as Trayveon Williams. What a beautiful play by D.J. Jones. So fourth and inches for the
Aggies, they have two tied ins. There’s the snap quarter back sneak and still trying to get a
scrum to get there, don’t know. I don’t think he got it. It is Ole Misses football,
great stop by the Rebels. Let’s see if this will
sparks the Ole Miss offense. – That’s what I love to see, no matter how many times you
keep answering. Great job. – [Narrator] With the
Aggies all roped and tied, the Rebels youthful
offense was ready to roll. – [Announcer] Rebels have
it at the 6 yard line with a third down at three. Gotta get to the three
to keep the drive alive. Brings a man in motion,
Jefferson, he has three receivers right, he takes the snap,
sprints to his right, looks towards the endzone
and now he’s gonna reverse and go back the other way. Little Archy Manning look,
fires to the endzone. Got a man! (cheering) – [Announcer] Watch this grand
imitation of Johnny Manziel who in this stadium earned
himself a heinzman trophy. – Oh my gosh, you know what are you doing? And then you know, he’s
just, that’s just who he is and as soon as he reverse
field, I could see string and oh my gosh, please
see him, please see him cause he’s wide open. – [Announcer] Johnny
Manziel do you believe it? His first touchdown pass.
J.Paterson touchdown. Ole Miss, game on in the fourth quarter. – [Gary Wunderlich] That first touchdown really gave us a lot of confidence and I think everybody saw
right there that you know, we can do this and it
really provided a spark. – [Announcer] You just see
the confidence changing for Shay Paterson, he’s bringing
new life and a new spark to Ole Miss. – Why you looking like Johnny boy? They know who Johnny is, what you saying? You say Patterson what?
That’s what I’m talking about. – [Announcer] Second and ten
from the 39th, three receivers to the left. – Let’s go. – [Announcer] Jake on a handoff fired nearside Stringfellow. Stringfellow one hand, what a catch by Damore’ea Stringfellow. – Big boy – One hand, one hand – You can’t do that? – I can do it! – [Announcer] Stingfellow who
has extremely strong hands, reaching out, plucking it, tucking it, that possession all the
way through the process. – [Announcer] A 40 yard
reception. Ball across the 25, Here’s Judd, Judd breaks free, 10, five, touchdown! Ole Miss, what a two play sequence. – We don’t back down, we don’t back down. – We’re tougher than that. – If we work this hard we
might gonna win this game right Fellow? Right? Huh? – [Announcer] Jordon guards
Van Jefferson, touchdown! How about this? Three consecutive touchdown
drives for Ole Miss. – We you make a mistake,
it’s gonna come back at you That’s what I’m talking about. – It’s three and 0 right now, right now. We don’t need to give
up one two per sales. Give our offense a minute,
give our offense five minutes and we win this game. – [Announcer] Hubenak on the move, hit on the
release and it’s fourth down Old Miss forces a punt. – But now it looks like Shay Patterson is gonna get the ball back
with very good field position at three time outs in his back pocket. – [Announcer] Three
straight scoring drives. The 12th man roar in college station. – [Announcer] Steps out of the
pocket, a lot of green grass left side, he pump fakes,
keeps it, runs, sees to the 30 he’s at the 25, goes out
of bounds, a 13 yard run. – [Announcer] Gary Wunderlich, this will be from the 29 of 39 yard effort he’s five for five here’s the kick, he’s got the distance, it’s
on its way and it’s good! Gary Wunderlich does
it again and the Rebels have taken a 29-28 lead with
37 seconds left to play. – [Announcer] There’s a
snap, Hubenak wants to throw. Steps up, fires over the middle, it’s intercepted at mid
field and going down at the 45 as Deontay Anderson. Oh this is gonna win this thing! – [Announcer] Ole Miss upsets Texus A&M. – Watch God, watch God’s work, let’s go. We ain’t done yet, lets go. – Great job, great job. Great job offense. – I don’t know what I can say
but that was a hell of a game right there. Man, I was
glad we got the victory came out of this thing. We needed this. Two more games, let’s go to a
ball game baby, let’s do it. – Hey, thank you. I appreciate it baby. Appreciate it man. I love you. – You put work in big time, big fella. – [Hugh Freeze] Listen, I
want you to celebrate in here Also, but I want you to know man, that’s how you fight for 60 minutes. (cheering) Man, you don’t ever relent,
you don’t ever give up. The same God, the same God that loved us when it wasn’t going well, He still loves you the same, so we wanna honor Him when we lose, we wanna honor Him when we win, and we’re gonna celebrate
with Him tonight. – [Hugh Freeze] A lot of
teams go through adversity and given years, and we’ve
certainly had our share. You know we’ve just had a lot of things that kind of put a cloud around us and it’s just been tough
to kinda break through it but the thing that is so rewarding is that I think the training
ground for young men and for coaches in those
times when it’s like that is probably, there’s more
you can learn from that then the great times. But man I just never seen our kids waver. It’s been that next man up
mentality and then tonight, you know, obviously we get
to see the fruits of it. – We fought hard for four
quarters. Hey, we won the game. One more and we ball eligible. – Hey we in that thing, huh? – We wanna know this week. That’s all that matters. – You know, pulling the red
shirt off, it wasn’t about that, It was about this team and you know this one was for the seniors: John Youngblood and Chad Kelly and all those guys. It was just awesome to
win this one for them. (upbeat music)