Last week on the season the fins up is just a Unifier, it’s something that everybody was part of no matter. You’re rich you’re poor No matter you’re black you’re white or whatever background you come from. I think he’s got some god-given talent That is really hard to It’s really hard to control It’s really hard to want when he breaks loose and he’s more exposed to the lot of runningback still asleep That’s a big state man five years here you think about these moments? But this is atmosphere right now and knowing when tonight entails it means the world. I love you rebel nation Boss pitch and now Plumlee runs right off tackle 4550. He’s in the clear again. He’s to the 30 to the 20 to the 10 you can’t catch e touchdown No It benefits juvenile arthritis and really just meeting the holiday spirit with Thanksgiving Let’s go we can have vote we can’t Miss any cause of pecan what though? It’s pecan punch the shit for other people to see that we’re giving back I think it helps them to give back sometimes and so I think it’s a really important part of it and It’s a lot of fun too. So that helps It’s not BK anymore Oh God earlier he was calling it he can count thing is a big fan All right, look at this I’m gonna look at this That’s cool I’ll start me 10 out of 10. That was that was big time. Awesome and we’re walking into a dance party right here. Whoa We’re watching the Egg Bowl flag football Hopefully old listen come away with the dub come back my girlfriend. No submissive the state coaches the Mississippi stay tuned So we got a little heated rivalry going She’s going she’s going no tonight I care for State tonight state’s gonna win The we’re out My body let’s go The ruthless no-good you various nowhere else by 21 that reroutes no one in the nation can guard that they’re in the tank Man is nasty. They’re looking good right now got a comfortable 1918 and we got we gotta close this game out kind of close it out Some here with the coach for the Mississippi State Bulldogs How’s the LTS tonight now Well We’ve worked their hardest we did our best. It didn’t turn out the way was Oh back to what I was saying Where are the winners here at Ole Miss and we will continue to be winners. See you Thursday It’s real quick. All right. Everybody’s got the list y’all just go together grab everything on the list we’ll meet right here in front Okay, once y’all get out all night, but y’all go together grab everything. It should be on your phone in the group text. Okay? What are you gonna have on your Thanksgiving play with them with the keep? stressing cranberry sauce macaroni cheese turkey hair green maybe a turkey All Thanksgiving with just hands. I’m good Nah Put some corn. Yeah if they want to make a sweet thick passion o type of cake we got pound cake chocolate cake strawberry cake red velvet Peanut man, I’m telling you. Hey That would take right this season need to take a ride to meet two Hobie beer Lagrange I’ll tell you they throw it down that way. Can I think it’s always important that we take that time to? To give back to those that Support us and give back to those that are maybe not as fortunate as we are So it’s always fun to go do this and give back to our community It’s a blessing, you know, just being able to do something like this and I’m helping somebody out on this Holiday, so it’s just something special for us as a group. They would give back So today we just you know Give it back. Just go have some fun with some people. You give them something nice to give back everybody to our but Everybody have a good time. Just like always trying to give back you want fortunate and others are just some Anything help somebody single it’s good to get back and is just hopefully go down the road We do it for somebody else too. You know, I’ve been tired like this So a definite important, you know, people kind of my house, especially like football players You know people with the church knows very important This is a company known everything will be better just not it’s not the end of your time. No struggles don’t last that long just like You know you when our public sector why so long so never have some courage like this definitely host You know it the roads going hit every time And then you put them in the microwave you want to get faster with it or the oven they don’t matter Oh That’s the most important with the dress up cranberry sauce soup I’m happy. Thank you my man Is great definitely We all spent how much other husband’s must have each other d largely belong so we become I had to deal with somebody else Have a good time with him. I’m you did it was just great like just his father his face smaller kids face. It’s great Just knowing you did something for somebody But it was good. This is a good day. Just big boy with big boy with See I got my big boy Then 40th edition of the Turkey Bowl. All right Managers versus trainers trainers have a little bit of help This is you know numbers-wise the real key to their really success being the loosest more in the field play loose play fast win games This is my first this is the first year. They’re letting us letting us play in it so Connor and I over here. We’re hoping to be the x-factor and breaking streak Trainers come out on top I’m gonna go with the yeah the manors I’m going to master I take care of us. I gotta go with the men Who play a corner who plant corn Minor setback, so can you finish the phrase Thursday? I’ll pass firstly firstly I redeem myself. You see that it’s pure athleticism. I’m not tired at all. That’s That’s what humanity good You I know man, they ran that QB counter. They learned it from Rich Rodriguez best playing his playbook man They just she’s got the speed man. Look at her She’s a demon dude ran track for four years of high school three state titles. She just ghost it all my song maybe He’s a baby He’s a baby Shusher full feels great feels great to get the deal with boys, you know We’re exhausted I’m very out of shape and maple 50 who nests For each household in Mississippi Thanksgiving is specially marked on the calendar and it’s not for the turkey. It’s for the Had a good Thanksgiving dinner last night weather’s good man means everything, you know got a family up here You know big hand for state of Missouri, but big handful in this room vodka 116 beating all time Ole Miss has won the last two egg bowls in Starkville And they have an opportunity tonight to play spoiler against their rival from 100 miles away Here’s Luke kick, and we’re underway of the Egg Bowl 2019 in the first play of this years ago Ham burn Immediately into the backfield Sam Williams the linebacker Mississippi State is left with a third down about 12 yards to go Trainor hit as he tries He got hit right as he released it intending it on a crossing route or an out route to Dedrick Thomas and Qadir Shepherd got there just about the time. He was releasing it Richard state showing blitz here They come and the fake to Ely and farmer. He’s gonna run he’s to the 40 leaps over man and dropped at the 44 yard line dangerous hurdle there for John trice fumbling and now it’s cherry and Ely The true freshman who’s been running well in the stead of Scotty Phillips who is active tonight He picks up 14 yards Ole Miss seemed in control with the two freshmen running the show But on the road in a rivalry game things can turn in an instant quick toss pitch out to eely. Eely Trying to get some blocking on the edge. He fumbles as the ball comes out at the 30 yard line He was going down at the 31 they say the ball is out Mississippi State Play-action pass this Raider wants to throw has a man open around the 50 yard line Diving back pulling around the 48 to haul it in Thomas there’s a snap play-action once who’s right down as man wide open tight in on out without caught the sidelines and knocked out of Bounds inside the 30-yard line is green With the lead in hand the dogs turned to the SE C’s leading rusher Highland Hill to inflict more damage And hand it off the hill. He’ll start the middle six of that outside of the nearside. He’s got to lean 30 25 20 crab and wrestled down at the 15 About the 13 yard line. He’s quick. He’s powerful. He’s kind of the bread and butter of this offense It doesn’t matter what the play is. He’s the answer this time of 13 to nothing with a PAP coming here As the Bulldogs led their offensive attack through the trenches the red and blue took to the sky Plumlee’s going to keep it run right fires downfield. He’s got Elijah Moore at the board He makes one man miss gets the 45 and dropped their 25 yard gain for the rebels on a good throw and catch one wing rifles in for the middle of trailing Sanders Down inside the 10 yard line first and goal for Ole Miss Watling on their own This is the loudest section of this stadium where they are right now going into a lot of the students What land his true freshman season with the rebels on the board and back in the game They look to even the score before the half First down, so that’ll be a 21-yard pickup on the little soft toss and there’s a fake on a pitch He wants to keep it he’s gonna run left. He’s got the first down and more the 15 Plumlee out of bounds at the 12 The edge for the goal line it in Two receivers to the left for John rice Plumlee Plumbing’s gonna fake it keep and run left you trying to get the edge and he’ll Be pushed out of bounds around the 24 so he will gain seven on that. There’s a quick pitch that eely Eely Scott some room off the left side crossing 3540 dropped to the 41 yard line And that’ll be a 13-yard pickup for the freshman eel Is Kobe Jones over deck Plumlee a little sidearm slim pass the sticks for Dennis Jackson There’s a handoff and bukata spins off the first tackle still Fighting and breaks clear and dropped at the 34 from Baha’i. What a run by Snoop Even with the offense in command The state defenders continued to pressure the freshman signal caller. There’s the snap to Plumlee pressure coming He’s going to step up and try to run it. He’s in trouble Mississippi Man momentum points to the dogs with a chance of the short field right back to khylin Hill wrapped up from behind Simmons asipi state now has third down and eight and a handoff left side and across the 35 down to the 32 goes hill on the left hash State going for it on fourth down Fourth down and shorter traitor There’s the snap rebels bring pressure fake on the handoff Schrader’s going to keep it he takes it in for the touchdown Now with the momentum by its side the host defense developed into a menace to the Rebs offensive efforts There’s the snap to Plumlee going to toss Pizza. Connor. Connor is hit and drop at the 49 State read that one like a book. No problem. Lonely wants to throw in a pocket now It’s gonna flush and run to his right pointing downfield. Now, it’s gonna take off and run He’s dropped at the 40. It would come down to the landshark. D to keep the home team from closing the book There’s the snap and he’s going to fake it keep it in trouble drop fumble. It’s on the ground the rebels recovered at the 33 Let’s go baby lead it to a victory right here meadow and here comes Matt corral Let’s see what Corral kazoo launches it nearside he’s got his man Mingo caught knocked out of bounds around the 23-man rush 14 yard line Fourth down and 24 there’s the snap three-man rush they get through again The crowd steps up front goes it down to Bailey’s got a man Sanders Sideline Mingo makes the catch IVA sticks, but will step out of bounds to stop the clock There’s the snap corral runs to his right looking in endzone It’s gonna turn and try to run he stopped to the two yard line didn’t get in It’s a great rivalry here comes the pressure The comeback was now an extra point away from being complete but a personal foul on the rebels moved the kick back an additional 15 yards A ship’s tool fish. There’s the snap it’s high. The kick is on its way. It’s got the distance and it is no good Just classic You Good morning Obviously, this is a hard day. But as we announced yesterday, we’ve decided to make a change in our football leadership again We can’t thank coach Luke enough for stepping into into a time when our program was at its lowest point He is like what he has accomplished here as a student-athlete Assistant coach and head coach, we’ll never be forgotten and we certainly wish him the best moving forward We looked a couple of days since the Egg Bowl. We tried to evaluate ride to get away from that It was obviously a very emotional night for a lot of reasons But I think we tried to get away from that. We tried to look at the totality of the program and What I just kept coming back to is while we could see some some progress in certain areas Have been competitive on the field and in most games this year It just felt like that the apathy around the program and just the lack of support We’re going to be hard to overcome, you know, and I think bringing somebody in they can have energy again, they can walk in and kind of own a room and be charismatic and make sure that you know that they’re talking about the Future and the vision of Ole Miss football. I think we can we can get people back quickly. We will be very competitive We’ll be very competitive We will go out and we’ll find the best coach we need to need to get and we will Do what we need to do financially you get that coach You