[Cheering] And the man in blue, Matt Luke has dreamt of this moment to lead Ole Miss into Vaught Hemmingway Stadium as head coach. Tonight we get to talk. Tonight we make a statement about who we are. The Rebels are ready. Are you ready to start 2017? Garvin in the gun, he’s going to run. He’s hit, he’s in trouble. He’s sacked. A.J. Brown down the sideline. Black reaches up and makes the catch. D.K. Metcalf with the touchdown. You want to take out the receivers, look below. Nasty Wide Outs, that’s NWO, hello. Intercepted by the Crimson Tide and it’s headed the other way. Levi Wallace, he’s to the five, he’s in the end zone. A pick six. Come guys, keep fighting, let’s go. Hey, we’re going to get some boys and get back in this thing. Let’s go. Setting up a screen to Ryan Davis, he’s got the sideline. Ryan Davis fresh class speed and he paints it back to the inside. And Davis will take it 75 yards for the score. One stop, one touchdown at a time. Go get a stop then go score. Then get a stop, then get a score. That’s how you win games. Make the second half of this game the turning point of this season. And Metcalf hurdles his way in. Positive plays. A young team can turn even the back half of this game into positive opportunities to build on things. So here is Jordan Ta’ amu from Pearl City, Hawaii. Not many people in our culture are given this opportunity. You know what I mean? So take advantage of it. I will. So put ‘em on the map. Quarterback draw, keeps it, straight up the middle, first down and more. Go Jordan, go Jordan, go Jordan, go Jordan. He’s at the 15, 10, 5; in the end zone. Aloha. Welcome to the beach. That’s a fine wine baby. Jordan Ta’ amu will trot back on the field. And they’ll need him to be clutch down the final 2:14. D.K. Metcalf is one-on-one here, wide left. [Dramatic Music] [Cheering] Touchdown, that’s a touchdown. Great team leader from all phases, coaches, defense, offense, special teams, everybody. I love Ole Miss; I love it here. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Now it’s time to celebrate baby. Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke. Game ball for you Coach, this is all for you. We need you in here. [Cheering] One thing that’s always sure in life, if you want something bad enough you go get it. Hey, if you want something bad enough you’ll go take it. You enjoy this game together, because I promise you this; you’re about to remember this one for the rest of your damn life. [MUSIC] Happy Thanksgiving everybody. If you came for a good cheer and the spirit of the holiday, you’ve come to the wrong place. Ta’ amu wants to throw over the middle, got his man. A.J. Brown catch to the 40, the 45, to the 50; still on his feet, to the Bulldog 40, to the 10, 5, touchdown Ole Miss and the Rebels strike first. Boom! Let’s go! [MUSIC] In trouble in the backfield and sacked. And he’s got a Landshark bid, that’s why it’s so quiet here. The pass is going to be intercepted by Ole Miss at the ten, it’s Hartsfield. He takes behind, he’s grabbed by the legs, he’s dropped. [Cheering] Off the left side, give him the first down easily is Thompson. Fumble. The ball’s out. Ball, Ball! The Rebels have recovered again. Breeland Speaks. There’s the snap, this tie it is handed to Jordan Wilkins and he goes up the gut and he’s taking it to the house for a touchdown, there’s 1,000 yards. That’s a 1,000-yard running back, that’s a 1,000-yard – Where’s that bell sound? It’s over, Ole Miss 31, Mississippi State 28 the final score in the 2017 Egg Bowl. [MUSIC] I know you’re enjoying this one right now, but you get a chance to interview to keep your dream job over the next few days. Why should you be Ole Miss’s Head Coach? Hey I’m going to worry about that tomorrow. I’m going to enjoy this with my guys. Alright, thanks so much. Thank you, Hotty Toddy. We love you Coach. [Cheering] I love you baby. I love you too. Proud of you boy, thank you. Thank you for everything man. Love you too. Hey we finished strong, didn’t we? Man we did for you Coach. I know you did buddy, I love you man. Love you too. Proud of you. That’s it baby. The season went out the right way, the Egg is back home. We just blessed man, I love you. This ain’t about me. This is about you guys. Hey, you are the one, you’ve been through so much. You’ve listened to it all, and you just kept battling. You’ll never ever forget this year. You seniors, hey you’ll remember this for the rest of your life, for the rest of your life. Hey, I love you and we’re family. Hey, because remember this, hey you don’t have to be blood to be family. Hey, hey, hey, you don’t have to be blood to be family. You just got to be real. We had to find a big time coach, a big time leader that can take us to the next level. So I want you to welcome the new head coach of the Ole Miss Rebels. Come on it. [Cheering and clapping] [MUSIC] Get up. [MUSIC] Let’s go. You want the ball? [MUSIC] [MUSIC] The 2018 Ole Miss Rebels are building. 12 months ago the Red and Blue were faced with uncertainty and ambiguity all while searching for their next architect. During the 2017 campaign the crew learned even the slightest adjustment can make all the difference. A year later, the foundation has been laid by a man that has embodied the Rebel spirt since birth, Matt Luke the lifelong Ole Miss staple rallied his team around a blue collar effort and enters the fall with an identity ready to capitalize on their triumphs and resolve the shortcomings from last season. With the dust settled on the Luke framework it is clear the key for the Rebs success is his call and unwavering message to compete. And he isn’t solely talking to his student-athletes, but to his staff as well. Hey, do I need to call Matt Ball before we get started? Ask him what’s the transfer rule for coaches? You got your blood pressure cup with you? Oh no, not yet. Okay. You check that guys blood pressure before he go out. [MUSIC] Ut oh. It’s leaking right, it was left yesterday. It’s going right today. [Club hitting ball] Did you see that shot? That was awful. [Club hitting ball] Get in the hole. Did you see that? Did you see that shot? Did you see that? Oh he missed it. Oh. I wanted to let you win the first hole, that’s a set up. Good hole man, good win. Good win. You know we’ve found mine every time. I’m probably lost. Are you serious? There be no snake will bite it. When you’re a full-time coach in the SEC there is no mulligans baby, let’s go play. I’m going in people’s pool. [Laughter] Why you chance me to go in trees man? I said don’t go in people’s pool. [Club hitting ball] Aw you called it. Are you serious? Oh man. We sorry. Let’s go. That thing is gone. Oh he’s just giving me strokes. Crime dog down one, not for long. I just tucked my shirt in because of him today. I wanted to be like Crime. Today he may want to be like Freddie. I’m down two in every great event this is the turning point. This could be a movie, athletic contest, but it’s always a turning point, you’re getting ready to see it. [Club hitting ball] Ut oh. Are you serious? You see that? Did you see that? Did you say pressure? Did you say pressure? Are you serious? Oh my gosh. Son, didn’t I tell you it was a turning point? I just told you it was a turning point. I love you. It’s a little adversity, it is what it is. So what I’m going to do, I’m just going to go down, I’m going to hit it out, two putt and then I have a par. He’ll choke. [Club hitting ball] Did you see that? Did you see that? I should pull up my grip and moved it. Sir, would you please put that knife down? You don’t need it to cut that steak, that is some cut. Are you serious? I may get me 20 years to life, no chance of parole hitting the ball like that. [MUSIC] Say if I make that putt you’ve got no shot. Do you want to leave right now? I won’t tell nobody if you left the course right now. My pleasure. You’ll have to meet my wife Hilda. We’re big supporters. Awesome I love the shirt, love the shirt. Sorry for interrupting your game. That’s okay, I’m over there beating this boy so bad he needs a pause in his play. [Club hitting ball] Are you serious? That’s the way you attack. You want to be a Landshark, got to attack. Full line. Are you kidding me? What you got? That’s what you call center cut. The Bulls and the Knicks back in the day that’s what it’s going to be. And I’m the Bulls, I’m Michael Jordan. I told him he’s in the middle of a turning point. It’s like any other contest, you keep them around and make it entertaining. Then once you get them down, listen I’m like a tattoo, once I get on you I ain’t going nowhere. No! I think you were down two, with one to play. That turning point is unbelievable. He’s down right now, I’ve got to be careful because I don’t want to ruin his confidence, training camp starts next week, we got a whole season. I got to be real careful. Hey, how’s your confidence? You good? Huh? You good? Ain’t crying this thing’s getting ugly baby. I didn’t want to steal his entire confidence, I let him on the first hole, let him win that last one, but in between, you talk about a whopping, huh. I mean, just look at his body language huh? This is the press conference of a loser, look at it. I mean, are you serious? Let’s listen. Now he’s been golfing since ’72 when he was 25 is when he started golfing. So – but I’m golfing off of athleticism. Played in the SEC 5’9″ 250 division II athlete just whooped him. [Laughter] The champ baby. High five. We did it again baby. Huh? No question. Hey, appreciate you guys. Hey, I enjoy whopping him. Thank you for your time. While the coaches unpack stress on the golf course, across campus the underclassmen face their first collegiate exam, moving in. And like most juvenile problems, even the easiest of situations become more complex. Man I got two people trying to move out of their apartments and they’ve got my stuff. So I’m don’t know what I’m doing. Hey? You said what? J Ham got stuff in his car too. So how this going to work? Uh, I don’t know. Oh my goodness. I just realized I didn’t bring a TV. But I brought the X-Box so whatever. I guess I’ll have to buy a TV now, but. Wait, wait can we like – can you like drop your stuff of at (inaudible) house and then once you’re done moving my stuff in you can put your stuff back in the car. Did you not just hear how crazy you sound? Why not? For senior Jordan Ta’ amu the start of camp is very different from a year prior. Aside from being the starting quarterback, he already has his digs set up. This is the house; I’ve been here for a year now. This picture right here, I took this myself. Nah, just kidding I didn’t. This is the crib. This is the area. See this wall. People give me newspapers all the time, so I try to cut out a piece and put it up here. And my goal is to get this whole wall filled by the end of the season. So hopefully I will get that filled up. I put my Mississippi State ball right here, the game ball so I put that up here. My bed was usually right here, but I moved it around a little bit just to have more space. We got to head out. This is my crib; this is the place to be. And senior season is ready baby, let’s get it. Here we are. 2018 Ole Miss Rebels. It seems like just yesterday we were walking off the field in Starkville. I mean, just time goes fast, it’s been eight months. You can look around this room and see some of these seniors, it seems like just yesterday they were freshmen. It goes fast. And I’m just – I’m excited to build on this foundation that we started. I’m genuinely excited and fired up about going through this with you guys. All the stuff you’ve been through, it brings us really, really close together. And that’s why I’m excited to go through this with you. I thought a long time over the summer over all my time being around successful football teams, what are the things that it takes to be successful as a football team? We’re a team that is unselfish and unified to accomplish our collective goals. Number two, we are mentally and physically tough. We are all about hard work, no one will out work us in the weight room, on the practice field, or the playing field. There is no shortcuts, there is no secrets. If you want to be good, you got to go work at it. We thrive on discipline because we recognize that discipline is the key to our success. Disciplined people, disciplined teams win football games. When we all understand that the team goals and the individual goals work together, then you’ll be in good shape. [Hitting sounds] Get it, get up. Hey, Hamilton. Drive, drive, drive. [MUSIC] [Whistle] Let’s get on the ball, hurry up. Get on your set. [Whistle] No, no, no. That’s not good enough. That’s not good enough. Why we walking? Why we walking? Run off the field. Run off the field. Pass. Hey, pass. We got 25 shots to get ready (inaudible). We got 25 shots, it’s one (inaudible) don’t waste it, let’s go. It is caving in on him. It’s caving in on him. Step up, let’s go. Hurry up. Get out of this set. Step back. Step back. We’ve got to defend every blade of grass. We’ve got to defend every blade of grass. [Whistle] Hey good add ons. Hey, good add ons. Come on Hess. Come on Hess. [Whistle] Come on Hess. Hey ones you’ve got 12 plays left, finish strong. Let’s go. Give me 12 great ones. [MUSIC] Ten guys go out. I got number 95 over here bending over. That 95 or 55 bending over? 95 over here bending over, okay. I got 41 out on the line; alright? That’s when you lose freaking games. That’s when you give up 300 yards rushing. Because we ain’t doing the small things. Now we had a good day of practice but we don’t want to finish the fourth quarter. It’s got to be right there. Pick ‘em up. Pick ‘em up. Let’s go. [Whistle] One. [Whistle] Two. [Whistle] Three. Hey, let’s get one thing straight right now. It does no good for me to stand up here and yell and scream. I don’t want to coach like that this year. Everybody understand that? Yes, sir. I don’t want to watch the defense in survival mode. And I got veterans bending over and (inaudible) didn’t happen. That’s how you end up on the bottom of their rushing defense. We’re not going to live like that. Do you understand? Get it fixed Vance, it’s on you. Get it fixed. What’s up Tey-bo? You tell me? Hey, time to win the day baby. The boys got them (inaudible) on baby, we’re going live. Here we go baby. I honestly don’t know what day it is. But I just know it feels good out here. 69, a little breeze action. Ain’t nothing to it. Day five now. And beautiful weather, 68 and breezy. A little wind going. So, it’s a great day to be an Ole Miss Rebel. Hey, stay awake. Yeah, I’m nart, I’m nart. Yeah, they’re going to have their— He’s got a wire. You’re going to have to filter me. They said they got real good editing skills. They do. The edit is real. They’re going to need to edit the heck out of it. The heck out of it? Yeah, I’m trying to be clean for them already. I’m already trying to be clean. Hey, I don’t work with the feds man. Football is about controlling the chaos and there’s one veteran who polices the trenches, senior center Sean Rawlings. [Cheering] Hey, with the (inaudible) let’s get it again, let’s get it again. Hey let’s go. I said we’re going to stupid pass. Let’s put it. [Hitting and grunting] [Whistle] [Hitting and grunting] On the other side of the law Coach Jon Sumrall and the linebackers look to disturb the peace by any means necessary. [Yelling] [Whistle] Go. Oh ball, ball, ball. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Show up, show up. There you go, there you go, there you go. That’s it. Hey the games don’t lie, you miss this tackle we lose, you make it we win. Six inches, fast though. Six inches a little faster. When you get that we don’t get there and go – you got to come to balance right here; you got it? Do it again. Hey, we’re going to the same drill versus running backs and tackling, I want you deeper, pre-snap, hold your depth; you got me? Everybody got it. Don’t go charging the line, hold your depth but keep your angle, or they going to trigger. Go, go, Rog go. There it is. That’s it, that’s it. That’s what I’m talking about baby. Better, better hey, it’s better. That’s better. Go, go. Run your feet, run your feet, run your feet, run your feet. [MUSIC] Yeah, yeah, let’s go, let’s go. You’re only getting two shots, you’re only getting down and back. Hurry, let’s go, you’re on the drill go. We’re only getting two shots, inside out. Hey, eyes up, eyes up. Hit that chest. Hit that chest. Come on hit that chest Josh. Get a break. Hey, LB’s on three, LB’s on three. One, two, three. LB’s. Jog in, no walking. There you go. Day six tomorrow. Another day, and then another day, and then another day. And then you got like 20-something. So, see ya later. [MUSIC] Jack Propst, and I’m from Tennessee (inaudible). Oh. [Laughter] Can you edit some like tan on here or something? [Laughter] Huh, yeah he posting, look at that Mr. SEC with the guns out, yeah, yeah. Gentlemen we’re going to have hands on knees, we’re going to be tight, we’re going to try to get 25 per row; roughly. One, two, three. [MUSIC]