– I was a junior in high school. Left the season, had a
yearly doctors appointment, and came down with testicular cancer. That was the first setback
in that department. – My parents had realized that he wasn’t really looking himself. His skin tone was off,
he said he had been tired and sick for a bit, and
so my parents insisted that he went and got
checked out by the doctor. – After that, I got diagnosed
with aplastic anemia that next day, which is
when your blood marrow and your bone marrow stop reproducing, the blood cells in your bone
marrow stop reproducing. And I got six pints of
blood that first day in the hospital and I was in
there for about nine weeks after that. When I got into the
hospital that first day, the doctor said I could’ve
just gone to sleep and not woken up anytime. So immediately I had to get
those blood transfusions to kind of fill my body back up with fuel to keep it running. – So they find out he needs
a bone marrow transplant, and so my parents say,
Tim, you’re gonna be tested to see if you’re a match for your brother. I had a 25% chance of being his match. – And luckily Tim was a match
for my bone marrow transplant because if I didn’t have
that bone marrow transplant, I probably wouldn’t be here today. – He’s good to go now. He’s got no problems, and I
think we hit our 10 year mark last summer. – At the time, it’s kind
of an overwhelming, like, I’m dying, but he can save me. It was incredible to think that a human can save
another human just like that, brother on brother. It was just a remarkable experience. – You know we’ve always had
a really strong relationship. He’s been my best friend since day one, and this obviously just
made it stronger for us. It was almost like it was meant to be that I was gonna be the match for him, because we were so close growing up that it was almost like
myself telling everyone else, I got this it’s my brother
I’m gonna take care of him myself. It shows how good of a person Dave is. He’s now given back to the
hospital that he was staying in when he was sick. (uplifting music) So he started making these
big, tall cutouts of my face. All my friends at home
wanted to go see him and luckily he came to Boston at one point with Buffalo Sabers. So we’re like, ah, this would be fun. Let’s just go to the game and try to embarrass him a little bit and have some fun with him, because it’s his first time in Boston as a professional hockey player, a dream come true even
though we played against him it’s still cool. – I’m skating around
warm ups and Brian Gionta taps me on the shin pads and he goes, “Tim, you got some fans here?” I was like, “What do you mean?” He goes, “Look at the glass.” I look over and I see seven
or eight of my buddies with big cutout Timmy heads. – End up getting signed with Boston. When he did that, we decided
to take it to an extreme and we had shirts made with just his face, we sold the t-shirts for charity, and the Timmy heads too,
we had those printed out, sold everything, and out
of that first year we made just under $1,800 dollars. His second year with Boston,
we kinda went crazy with it, and we raised almost $18,000
dollars with that last year. So we definitely stepped it up a lot. And this year with him in
Vancouver, it’s a little bit more difficult, but we’re still doing it, we still have the t-shirts
and we still sell the heads and everything. – It went from him supporting me to now he’s giving back to something that’s true to his heart. – And all the proceeds all go
directly to the Jimmy Fund, because we have that
connection, obviously, from us going through
what we went through, me being in the hospital, we just decided to donate back to a charity
that we actually care for and something that is close to our family. (uplifting music)