I don’t think everyone understands what all
goes into being a professional basketball player not one that’s in the
NBA making millions of dollars but one that’s playing overseas trying to get
after it and just trying to get better and move up and improve each year. You know,
your first couple years coming out.. this s… ain’t easy man
you know we get to travel the world we get to see new cultures and get paid to
play basketball like that’s incredible but it’s October man and the harsh
reality is… I’m UNEMPLOYED I definitely expected to be leaving by now Soo I had to jump
in real quick I’m actually editing the video right now actually
yeah so I’m editing the vlog right now and I realized that you guys don’t know
who I am like the people that I told about this I put a thing up on Facebook
and stuff but if you’re watching this for the first time you don’t know who I
am So my name is Greg Brown I’ve played basketball my whole life I went to the
Archbishop Spalding High School in Severn, Maryland. There I played pretty
well my last year I ended up averaging about
18, I know 18.6 points per game and I
was on first team BCL so that was a big deal I ended up getting a scholarship by
Saint Francis University (PA). There, when I first got there my career started off a
little shaky I was a really good defender so that got me on the court I
actually started half of my freshman year and then for the rest of my career
and I was a captain by sophomore year but what kept me on the court was
playing defense and just being smart being a hustle guy you know just playing with passion and honestly off the and then after that I ended up playing a lot better my senior year. I ended up averaging about 12 points I was able to get the
contract coming out I’m in my first year in the top league in Brazil and that’s
where I played my first two years so you know last year I ended up averaging
about 13.6 points I think it was a 4.5 assists and
about 4.5 rebounds. It was a pretty good season personally, we struggled a lot as
a team so you know personal accolades I can tell you guys all my stats just so
you know but it doesn’t matter because we didn’t win that much so yeah it was a
tough year but I’m back here now working out and I was watching the video I just
figured let me introduce myself the correct way Last thing I’ll say is you
know when I recorded the original vlog it was three I put yeah 3:05 so it was
extremely late I was tired and I was whispering and it is a bummer to still
be at home and not have a team I would love to be playing right now but it’s
all part of growing it’s all part of a process and it’s helping me grow outside
the basketball too so.. You know one thing I do want to talk about on this channel Is the fact that, you know, when I was down in Brazil we had about three training
sessions every day it was Lifting 9-10am practice 10-12pm
lighter practice 4-5pm. Obviously shoot extra add in one hour to that you
need recovery so you go get the Norma-tech for your legs or ice that’s another
hour extra film another hour so now you put it 7 hours 7 hours under
your date was for basketball no that’s a lot it’s a lot to handle your you know
usually you’re tired if you want to sleep for 8 hours so you still have
another 9 hours that… WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? This is not to say I’m immune to this trust me I think I watched The Fresh Prince
through like three times my first year My second year, I think I watched all of friends, the first half
and Oh I finished Uncharted in like a week and a half or probably less but
there was a point when I kind of realized like this is not helping me
it’s not it’s not doing anything for my future. So, I actually I think I left the
PlayStation and I just started focusing on other things I started studying for
an IT certification that I actually was able to get when I got home I started
focusing more on studying the Portuguese 30 minutes 20 minutes every morning when
I got up. You know as athletes, we have a lot of free time
yeah there’s a small percentage of guys that are at the top making a lot of
money and I think everyone has a chance to get there but I think we have too
many young athletes that are driven they’re charismatic and they got
everything going for them but then they just focus on that sport and then when
it’s done it’s done and they don’t have anything to fall back on. Yeah so I’ve
been home working out down with Jamaal Haywood Haywood in Baltimore getting a lot of
shots up working on my release and then with Evan Williams I’ve been working on
a lot of hip mobility lateral quickness vertical explosion, stuff that’s
gonna, one, make you a better basketball player but, two, keep you healthy
and yeah that’s what I’ve been doing I’m waiting for an opportunity I’m ready to
go… I’m confident I’ll still find a team but you know you have to
keep your head down and focus and you know actually a guy down in Brazil by
the name of Jeff His name is Jeff the name of Jeff… My name is JEFF… Jeff told me something: So me not having a team right now you can
look at it as negative or you can look at it as you know building my character
and see you know how I respond to it so I hope you guys enjoy this journey
that I’m going on I’m learning every day with this vlog thing so bear with me You know basketball is great, sports are great and they have gotten me a lot of
places I’ve been able to see a lot of the world because of basketball but I
always remember that basketball is my tool to you know live a life that I want
to live whether it be travel whether it be meeting new people or whether it be
giving myself the availability and the time to be able to you know build
something that I want to build on my own so yeah I don’t know still don’t know
how to finish these I’ve seen some people like grab the camera I’m yeah
I’m just gonna yeah whoa whoa whoa I almost forgot so I’m about to post this
video right now but I had to remind you if you like the video if you want to see
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it share with your cousin and share with your friends you can show your dog if
you want… Yeah, I’m clearly still very new at this…