So Alois, what is the most important skill
in Table Tennis? It is definitely being able to hit the ball
on the table. So in Table Tennis if you can start to learn how to control the ball and
hit the ball on the table a lot of times then the rest of the game becomes a lot easier. The thing we need to think about when we are
learning to hit the ball on the table is to have your bat flat facing exactly
where you want the ball to go. If you can do that and contact the ball then
that is where the ball will go. By having your bat facing in the right direction
you are going to be hitting the ball straight. The next thing you want to think about is
to be able to control the ball well enough and the main thing is to hit the ball softly
enough. You will find to start with a lot of players
will hit the ball too hard and the ball will fly off the end of the table. So the key is
just hitting the ball softly and straight. You will notice that the stroke doesn’t need
to be very big and it is just pushing the bat forward and through the ball so that the
ball is going towards where you want it to go. When you are starting to learn how to play
it is a great idea to challenge yourself with how many hits you can do in a row. To start
off with if you can do 3 hits in a row that is great. So you do 1, 2 and 3 with your partner.
Once you can get to 3 you aim for five and then you aim for 10 and so on until you are
really challenging yourself and you will find within a very short period of time you will
start to be able to hit a lot of shots on the table. It is a great idea when you are challenging
yourself to make sure you write down how many hits that you achieve, that way you will start
to see your progress and see your improvement. On our website there is a free Consistency chart
download. Go to our website, download the chart and that will make it easy for you to record your scores. So the most important skill of Table Tennis is definitely
being able to hit the ball on the table a lot of times. The keys are making sure you
are hitting the ball as straight as you can and hitting the ball softly. Anyone can hit
the ball too hard. So work really well to make a soft controlled hit.