>>LEFEBVRE: So Luca,
you know how to do omelette?>>Oui.>>LEFEBVRE: Oui,
so how we do omelette first? So we break the eggs.
One more. Yeah! Voilà. Make sure you mix very well
everything, okay? Pepper. Beat it very well now. Perfect, Luca. Melt slowly the butter, Luca,
slowly, huh? Take your time.>>Are we going to put
the egg in here?>>LEFEBVRE: Oui! So we need to make sure
the butter is melted very well, okay?
>>Oui.>>LEFEBVRE: Uh-huh,
and we put the eggs, okay, Luca? You’re going to stir, okay?
Yeah, voilà, comme ca. In the middle, Luca. Outside, voilà,
the border too, okay? Slowly, be gentle. The omelette start to cook,
you see? So now you get to roll it. Can you do that?
>>Mm-hmm. Boom.>>LEFEBVRE: Be gentle.
You roll like this. You know what we do after, Luca,
what we do?>>You put more butter.>>LEFEBVRE: Why?
Because what, you know that.>>Butter tastes good.>>LEFEBVRE: Voilà, because
everything with butter tastes…>>Good.
>>LEFEBVRE: Yeah. Yeah! Et voilà.
L’omelette de Luca. Hey, you give me some, a piece?
No? (giggling) Mmm… merci. Mmm… that’s so good. (Luca giggling) You did a good job.