we’ll come to Basra I’m the trees those browsers trees most capable everything thank you shukran understand man I mean it’s been a long season I’ve been in three different countries 1 2 3 4 is my 15 here we haven’t really won I’ve been close right there what season off they all have funny names to English people but I do know also that a lot of people aren’t cut out for this you know switching different country to country not really knowing what’s next come into a war country or whatever but that stuff excites me this is the I kind of like it here they just give a straight cash straight American cash but in Qatar I had a bank account and day not yeah just transfer it back home my account guitar it was like over a hundred thousand reals I was like he just somehow get the bank to make a mistake and put that over a hundred thousand American dollars for me and so this is this pretty much what you see in Baghdad like from the hotel to the stadium yeah pretty much I mean there’s nothing really to do I mean we went to a hookah lounge one time but really here for a job I don’t want to do much exploring dangerous or not dangerous um you know try and keep it just an open we heard gunshots here now and then but yeah ain’t nothing ain’t heard before one of the guys plays for Al Hitler there was a car bomb that went off it in front of their hotel destroyed some of the rooms and I was like so did not scare you he’s like yeah I wanted to go home but we just switched hotels oh hi yeah I’m going to freak me out sure enough man around 8:00 8:30 car bomb goes off you know shakes the hotel I’m about to Swank I like a small earthquake that was like see I hadn’t been here two weeks okay you know what I mean and then that happen so I was kind of like norm standing when I think went off and it was 50 times stronger than anything I’ve ever met I can’t even like Maddie I’m on the third floor you roam across the miles destroyed yeah I mean if I’m sleep in that room I’m gonna have some in you you know I mean destroy you glass everywhere TV off falling off the off the wall is crazy I was ready go home oh this is the gym I don’t know the name of it but uh it’s pretty nice big I wish it would get filled to the brim a lot of fans I’ll be nice but there’ll be a nice amount of people in here / – mark – mark behind her new idea Cheryl Dana job admission her song I did multiply long how did you find other yeah it’s just hard because I you can only have two Americans on the floor but they’re gonna pay so well here but it’s like do you want to play or do you want to sit is it about getting money or if you got playing I don’t know the Middle East they pay like much much more than Europe I mean I was getting my 9000 and guitar a month to here next year they’re talking about like bumping it up double the salary there’s a nice-looking lady at the front desk but she’s not here at night time I’ve drank a alcohol seven times since I left the country yeah I mean they don’t sell it it’s like once a month they sell alcohol and it once and what they say alcohol but you have to have a letter from your employer to even be able to buy it notice my first year out of college I am a rookie this is how we’re living oh my boy Marcel got MVP they gave him a vacuum cleaner MVP whatever they sent me the thing they’re like you got to offer in Iraq and I was like that’s crazy cuz is pretty much the once country on earth that I was like okay I’m not going to play there I find this pretty interesting you know you come here you shower without a curtain so you just get the drain let it ride but then they sent me you know the salary and they’re like you only be there 45 days tops yeah we don’t wander the streets and it’s not not from danger or anything we just we just don’t do it we know there’s not really any places to go out and so you know we get we have a restaurant here we sleep and we can conversate and talk to our people back home that’s pretty much life out here don’t know they say we’re supposed to play series for third and fourth I’m not too thrilled about that why the heck are you playing if you can’t win championship I’ll definitely have a talk with my agent tonight the Middle Eastern comfort among against like that is like you gotta chase them all around trying to market and this musli they don’t have money but they have more this move they just don’t like panky isn’t is this the only place you get paid straight cash no I’ve got played a stray cats everywhere you I realize what they printed okay – do you know they’re doing this over here to breathe LeBron James Kevin Durant and Kobe Kobe Bryant all wrapped in one you know so you kind of got to go out there do your best impression I think the thing that they’re really trying to depart the game that they’re really still trying to develop is the structural part of it I think that’s become stuff they still have to work on you know you get the same guys out there to play we all kind of fighting the same battle on the station I mean obviously you know you want to broad and try to win we’re all fighting same guy we’re fighting for gentlemen my time is up here it is about time to go elsewhere