Well it’s not football though is it, because
they don’t use their feet. That’s not football, that’s just people dressing
up. (BOOOOOOO) We play football. We play football. (BOOOOO) With our feet. That is football. (shouting) (It’s soccer!) WHAT? It’s not soccer it’s football. If 6.75 billion people in the world call it football. Anyway look, you can moan and shout all you like
but the fact is, we’re British, and we edit this show, and you’ll just get cut out! (BOOOOOO) This is a rugby ball. Look on the screen. They only play with the padding they were
born with. BOOOOOO This is not a football. They call it football. (BOOOOO) (BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!) (U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A) (BOOOOOOOO)