>>Speaker 1: We are here at Nike’s headquarters in the anti-gravity room and we have Jeff who’s an expert
at all things Jordan brand. Behind us we have Jordans 1-31 and
we’re gonna walk through them all.>>Jeff Atienza: Here we go,
the one that started it all, the AJ I. Probably the most iconic shoe in the line, this is the shoe that
got banned by the NBA. And ever since then,
30 years later we’re still going. The AJ II,
they took the swoosh off the shoe. Crazy materials, from the faux lizard,
just a premium looking shoe and obviously very iconic for
it’s time in 1987. The first shoe to bring
elephant print to the line. 1988, I still remember MJ jumping
from the free throw line and winning the slam dunk contest in Chicago. AJ IV, do you remember the shot over Ehlo? Pretty much that catapulted
MJ into the limelight. AJ V, another one of Tinker’s great
designs from the reflective tongue to the on the side mesh and the panel here to the icy out sole,
jump man, nothing more iconic than that. Air Jordan VI,
MJ wore this when he won his first title. The black infrared color way
was way ahead of it’s time. Air Jordan VII, inspired by pop. Tinker Hatfield designed. MJ wore this in the Gold Medal Game
in the Olympics. AJ VIII, MJ goes back to back
to back three titles in a row. He wore this before his first retirement. The velcro straps really locked you in,
and again, this is the first Jordan that had straps. AJ IX,
some great commercials with this shoe. Obviously, MJ was in retirement. He was playing baseball back in the day. But Johnny comes to mind
when I think of AJ nine. AJ X, I’m back, MJ comes back,
burns a mix for 55 points, one of my favorite details on
this shoe is all of the accomplishments that MJ did over the course of his
ten years, right to this point. AJ XI,
what’s considered as the Holy Grail, the greatest basketball shoe of all time. MJ won his fourth title in this. The Bulls went 72 and 10. Probably considered
the greatest team of all time. AJ XII, so many iconic colorways in this
shoes, from the taxi to the playoff. To what the community refers to as
the Flu Game, the black red cut away. Actually one of the most
comfortable Jordans. The guys in the NBA are still
playing in it to this day. AJ XIV, the last shot over the Utah Jazz. Inspired by one of MJ’s many sports cars. AJ XV, way ahead of its time, with the bootie-like construction fit for
feeling comfort, to this woven upper. Not a lot of boot shoes did
woven uppers back in the day. Such great details on this shoe, from
the 217 that’s MJ’s birthday to the 23, obviously, his number, 6, the number
of wins he has and then number 15, 52.>>[MUSIC]>>Jeff Atienza: AJ 16, when MJ came
back from retirement the second time, this was one of his first hoop shoes. The iconic shroud, to the patent
leather coming back on the toe. AJ XVII, came in a steel brief
case with the shroud covering up the lacing system here. Toggle reminiscent of the AJ V. Air Jordan XVIII, takes cooper designs. This is the one of the last shoes MJ
wore before his final retirement, He wore this in All Stars game. Air Jordan XIX, love the premium details
on this shoes from the patent leather. This is the smooth tumbled
leather here clear out sew. Real premium strap with
MJ’s signature in the back. AJ XX, think we have this design. I love this story telling in this shoe. All the laser details basically
tell the story of MJ’s career. AJ XXI, inspired by a luxury sports car,
love the detailing on the shoe. Love the hidden detail here
where you can hide your laces. AJ XXII, Jordan has been known for
their toggles, lace toggles. Reminds me a little bit of AJ, too. Air Jordan XXIII,
love all the details on this shoe. MJ’s fingerprint on
the inside of the tongue. His signature on the toe with
these DNA-like strands here really telling the story of
the authentically Jordan. Here’s the 2009, MJ’s 24th shoe. This time we went to the year
instead of the number. Now, this is really inspired by fencing. Which in fencing,
you turn your defense into offense. Another hidden detail here is this
jewel piece with MJ Jump Man logo. 2010, Michael’s 25th shoe, Tinker Hatfield
came back to design this one. The see through circle on the lateral
of the shoe is really inspired by MJ’s ability to see through his opponents. AJ XXVI, otherwise known as the 2011,
a ton of technology in this shoe. The interchangeable midsoles were key,
came with three different midsoles. What I really love about this shoe
is just the clean design lines, the perf detailing,
as well as the embosed leather. AJ XXVII, otherwise known as the AJ 2012. The first time we used
flywire in a Jordan. This shoe was inspired
by wingtip dress shoes. Designed by. AJ XXVIII,
I think it’s ahead of it’s time. It’s the first time we
used flight speed in shoe, it’s got the zipper that
basically locks you down. Keeps you secure in the shoe. AJ XXIX, with exaggerated jump man,
love the jump man detailing here. First time we used fly wheel on the shoe. AJ XXX, one of my favorite ones. It’s got the reticular toe, one of the best performing
basketball shoes out in the market. Love the hidden details here. It actually says excellence,
never second place. AJ XXXI, 31 years of J’s. This is inspired by the AJ 1, obviously see the banned color
right here in the red and black. Tons of detail in this shoe from
flight speed really low to the ground. I love how we brought the Swoosh back. The Swoosh and
the Jumpman at the same time. This is the first time
it’s ever been done. Some of the other iconic detailing
around this shoe is the Wings logo, reminiscent from the AJ I. And then the detail on
the bottom of the shoe, the shoe that’s been banned.