Seven-time national badminton championship winner, Shiraz Malik was murdered in broad daylight, yesterday. The death of a talented player like Shiraz is a
personal loss to all of us. The murderers will be brought to book and punished severely. I’ve received orders to look into the Shiraz Malik case. I don’t have a brother. After meeting Shiraz,
I didn’t miss having one. I see you in the shuttlecock, in the racquet. Since the time I met you,
I see you everywhere I look. He was just 28. His death left me devastated. Ved Prakash has formed his own political party. The king is supporting him. When a horse cannot be controlled, it should be put down. The murder of badminton player Shiraz Malik, Could be a well-planned conspiracy. Use any means necessary. Use force if you have to, but get the job done. I’ll have a warrant issued.
Don’t let his name intimidate you. No leniency should be shown whatsoever. You’re a king. You can have anything you want, provided you desire it. Ranvir Singh, I will destroy you and
no power in the world will be able to save you. Sir is having breakfast. This is not a social call that
we will wait for him to finish breakfast. Are you going to sit here and do nothing? I’m not just sitting here,
I’m fighting a war. You know how much I love you, don’t you? What do you know about the Shiraz Malik murder? I know what no one else does.