The tournament was very challenging, as these teams are all fighting to play at the World Cup Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, all three were playing with the objective of being selected to play in the World Cup So they all gave a big fight. The Asian Championship is a very competitive competition. Nobody comes here to go back empty-handed. So, all three teams posed a big challenge for us. Because of the ability and hard work of both our players and coaches we were able to overcome the challenges. I don’t think you can say we won because I was in the team, this is a team sport. The seven players on court and the 4 substitutes, you can only achieve something like this with all 12 of them contributing. I only fulfilled my responsibility towards the team. When I do my job on the court, that strengthens the team. I didn’t play for Sri Lanka for three years and at that time, I thought that I would not play Netball again. Our coach, Thilaka Jinadasa, got me an opportunity to play there (Australia) through a personal connection. Special thanks to her. Throughout the 6 months I was there, my host treated me like family. She took care of me like one of her own kids. Her name is Nicole Richardson. She’s an Olympian. She’s also a gold medalist for the Australian National Netball team. She’s won medals at the World Cup and Commonwealth level Add to this, she is a Coach in the Suncorp Super Netball League. Mark is another person I must thank at this moment These people took someone who didn’t want to play Netball again and encouraged her to give it another shot. They are the ones who encouraged me to come back to Sri Lanka too. I have an opportunity to play there again I am thankful to them for allowing me to come down during the last 6 months and play here. The experiences I had there, helped me and my team immensely during this tournament.