there are devastating new details into the lives lost in that deadly plane crash Sunday night near Detroit City Airport the family was flying in for a youth volleyball tournament at Cobo Gregg Bose was going to be there to cheer on his daughter who had already flown in but now as they cope with this tragedy his daughter and her team are still taking the court Steve Garvey Ola is live at Cobo tonight Steve this has to be difficult you know this was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many of these girls and to have this cloud of grief hanging over it for this this team from Texas it’s just a tragedy for them their coach Mary Margot Armstrong is gonna chat with us a little bit I would want to say they just played your team one yes and out of respect to the team they asked that we not bring cameras over to distract what’s going on so we did not but important so much for Christa that she has this family around her talk about that absolutely so the one thing I’ve talked to the girls about is being the light in the darkness so right now is a real darkness for Christa but these girls have come together in strength and faith and love and I just told them that after the game I said there is not many 14 year old teams who could handle this situation they’re handling with the crowds of people around our court and the constant glances and just the tragedy that is amongst them there’s no one else that can handle it with the grace and the strength and the love that these girls have handled it and they have just put their faith out there they’re being the light on that court to show that there’s always light in every darkness you know there were several people who said to me today oh I’m surprised she’s playing and I said well you don’t understand athletics because a young person in this situation needs their other family around them absolutely so the morning after it had happens we made some cards and we went up to her room she was already dressed in her uniform I had told them of course whatever her decision is is fine with us but we got in that room she was dressed in her uniform it was never one question in her mind whether she was playing or not just I mean it’s amazing to me do what she and the girls have done I know her mom was at the hospital with Krista’s brother so she couldn’t be here for this but Krista’s got a lot of support around she absolutely does the parents the teammates everybody has just band together and like I said God’s love is just all around her and that’s just that’s just the way it is that’s just the way it’s supposed to be coach thank you so very much good luck through the rest of the tournament just a tragedy for this team it’s an amazing tournament 1,200 teams 20,000 participants the team from Texas won today so they will the one in the tournament and I know Krista is finding some relief and having her volleyball family around her reporting live at Cobo Center I’m DJ Oliver so glad you made that point Steve that is on the money about her other family everything that coach said just kind of gave me chills she’s absolutely right it’s so important to have that support around